Karastan Kashmere Vs. SmartStrand Carpets: Which One To Pick?

Karastan carpets are built with quality and designed to match the perfect look of your home. But some people find it difficult to compare the Kashmere and SmartStrand carpets.

The main difference between both is that the Kashmere is made of pure nylon material, whereas the SmartStrand is made of pure silk material.

When it comes to color availability, Kashmere gives you 40 unique colors to choose from, and at the same time, the SmartStrand comes with only 20 colors.

Both are made in the United States and provide great comfort level. The warranty is also the same for both carpets, yet they have unique differences.

A Quick Comparison Table

In the below-given table, you can easily and quickly analyze the basic differences and similarities between both carpets. Please have a look!

Aspects To CoverKarastan KashmereKarastan SmartStrand
Material Used In ConstructionNylonSilk
Colors availabilityUp to 40 unique colorsUp to 20 unique colors
Width12 feet wide12 feet wide
CleaningUse Easy Clean Stain and soil protection to keep the carpet cleanedBuilt-in Stain resistant
Comfort levelStandardExcellent
WarrantyUp to 25 years of excellent warrantyUp to 25 years of excellent warranty
DurabilityMore Durable and stretchy than silkLess durable than Nylon

Key Differences Between Karastan Kashmere And SmartStrand Carpet

The differences enlisted in the table are explained below to give you in-depth differences between these two carpets. Reading and comparing them will make it easier to ensure which one is right for you. Let’s get started!

  • Materials Used In Construction
Karastan Kashmere Carpet

Keeping both on two different tables and analyzing the difference will help you understand that Kashmere carpet is made from pure synthetic nylon fabric.

It tends to be more durable and ensures better comfort when it comes to using it over the longer run.

In contrast, the SmartStrand carpet is made with Silk fabric which is extremely comfortable and made to provide you with a feeling you may never forget.

Both are excellent carpets, but their construction is unique from each other.

  • Colors Availability

The second reasonable difference is to give you as many color options as possible to get a carpet matching your home furniture or the related ambiance.

In that case, if you want to choose between more colors, Kashmere comes with up to 40 different colors, whereas the SmartStrand comes with 20 excellent colors.

It doesn’t mean you cannot choose from a SmartStrand carpet if the other option comes with up to 40 colors.

Things are always easier if you know exactly what you need.

  • Width

The width or the size of both carpets is similar because both come in 12-foot sizes.

It means it’s easy for you to measure the dimensions of your house and get the right carpet, no matter whether you want to install it inside the rooms or in the tv lounge.

  • Made in

Both carpets are proudly made in the United States. That means, if you have found them in the USA, they are your home country-made products.

But if you find these carpets anywhere else, they are imported.

In addition, these luxurious carpets are the name of quality, comfort, and perfection your feet need while walking upon them!

  • Cleaning

Both carpets are excellently built with properties that provide super solid stain resistance against mud and other agents.

Yet, you may have to use the Kashmere carpet carefully. But the SmartStrand is solid against every Stain, mud, and dust.

Therefore, the second one is better when it comes to staying clean from getting dirty while being used excessively in the house.

  • Comfort level
SmartStrand Carpet
SmartStrand Carpet

In my observation, I’ve experienced more comfort when it comes to using the SmartStrand Carpet than Kashmere.

That’s because of the difference between the materials used in their construction.

Nylon is supposed to be a little more rigid and stiffer than silk.

Because silk is extra comfortable and comes with more flexibility.

  • Warranty

Both carpets have a similar warranty period of up to 25 years for every wear and tear. It’s a remarkable warranty one can have over a carpet.

  • Durability

Again, when you consider durability for either carpet, there is a difference.

Nylon fabric is usually more durable than silk, so our Kashmere Carpet is slightly more durable than our SmartStrand Carpet.

Yet, they both stand for a reasonable period when used in the house.

Which Carpet Is Best To Consider?

There is no problem with either of these carpets as the decision would be based on your desires.

If you like the SmartStrand, it will be your great option. And if you like Kashmere, it won’t disappoint you.

However, the difference may arise when looking for colors and considering durability. Yet, I’d say that you’ll be worth the price no matter which carpet you bring to the home!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Karastan Kashmere Fiber?

It is made with Nylon fiber, providing a refined tail road texture for a better ambiance inside the home.

Which Carpet Is Better, Nylon Or SmartStrand?

Nylon is supposed to be more durable, and SmartStrand offers an unmatching level of comfort. Both are great, but Nylon is just better than SmartStrand.

Is Karastan A Quality Carpet?

Made with refined quality materials that offer an undeniable and unmatching level of comfort, cleaning, stain resistance, fitting, and durability, these carpets are one of a kind. One will be worth the money after having a Karastan carpet.

What Is The Difference Between Mohawk And Karastan Carpet?

These days, we shouldn’t assume any difference between the Mohawk and Karastan Carpets because Mohawk has already purchased the Karastan carpets.

Last Words

There exists a comprehensive comparison between the Karastan Kashmere and SmartStrand when you need to choose either carpet from both options. But in my research and observation, I think Nylon is way better than SmartStrand.

However, if you have any experience with the SmartStrand carpet, I hope you’d love to share it with us. Yet, I am a big fan of Kashmere, and the only thing that inspires me to purchase this carpet is its lasting durability!

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