Jet Swet Alternative: Are Those Substitutes Any Good?

When it comes to Jet Swet, very few tools are as good as this plumbing tool. This water stop tool for soldering can show reliable performance.

But it may not be available in your location. Or, you prefer another product since it costs a good amount of budget.

So, what could be the best Jet Swet alternative? Thankfully, some good-quality water blocker tools for soldering are available in the market. You can use them to repair your plumbing items.

Let’s learn about them one by one!

Jet Swet Substitutes For Plumbing Repair 

Jet Swet Plumbing Tool

Since Jet Swet is a famous brand, you may have already heard about them. But due to its expensive pricing, many household owners prefer to use an alternative option.

Though many alternative options are in the market, not all are reliable. Here are a few plumber-friendly plumbing plug tools you can use for repairing your water system. 

  • PASCO Quick Sweat Kit
PASCO Quick Sweat Kit
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This plumbing plug tool allows you temporarily block the water flow for soldering or refitting in your water system without draining water.

It enables you to control any water line effectively. You don’t need to wait hours to let the water drain fully.

The sweat kit includes a long-lasting polypropylene handle compatible with 1/2″ thru 2″ cables.

You don’t need to use any ‘bread’ to solder your fitting. Plus, it features a durable elastomeric plug for quick alignment with the plumbing repair.

Closing the tool requires you to put some force. You can lock it well by utilizing your other hand and pulling the locking handle to the side of the lugs.

Finally, place it back in its original condition. It has an impressive bendable ability to allow you to cut, stop, and plug smoothly.

  • Water Stopper Plumbing Tools
Water Stopper Plumbing Tools

This Indispensable Plumbing Tool can instantly stop the residual water flow in your water system.

It is more appropriate for different types of copper pipelines such as M, L, and K.

You will not experience pinched fingers since it is a safety feature.

The plumbing tool features a corrosive-free polypropylene handle, which is highly impermeable. Its fatigue resistance and elasticity properties make the handle more comfortable to hold. You can work on different sizes of cables from 1/2″ to 2″.

At first, put the cable inside the pistol grip and push it forward. To reduce the size of the rear line, pull it into depression. Finally, slide through elbows and valves easily to be soldered onto the cable.

Make sure to slide the handle to one side after finishing the repairing task.

  • Wassi Flexible Plumbing Plug Kits

Wassi is a handy Water Stopping Soldering Instrument. You can use this tool for six different-sized pipes.

Plus, the manufacturer recommended it for PVC, Steel Pipe Galvanized, or Black water pipes. It will work smoothly with both straight and elbowed lines. 

Wassi Flexible Plumbing Plug Kits

Its gasket is made from top-grade materials to withstand high temperatures easily. The tool kit features stainless steel and non-rusting cables and sheaths.

This makes them resistant to corrosion, rust, and chemical leaching.

Repairing copper and PVC tubing with this plumbing plug kit will be easygoing.

Plus, the manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty for all the parts included in the box.

This makes the unit more reliable. You can use it for residential and professional purposes.


This handy blocking plug can easily fit different types of pipe diameters.

Sealing most types of water systems is simple for this pipe, whether it is round or out-of-round. CHERNE uses natural rubber to make these plugs.

Apart from ensuring a leak-free seal, they can expand effortlessly to fit various water pipe systems.

You will not have to worry about the plugs coming from the pipe. It can handle a decent level of water pressure.

Beyond stopping the water flow, this plumbing plug tool enables you to perform a low-pressure air test in your new pipeline.

You can determine whether it is having leakage issues and take further action to prevent additional problems.

  • Use Plumber’s Putty

If you don’t have the budget to use a plumber plug tool, you can use Plumber’s putty to block the water flow of your water system temporarily. However, using a compatible and well-fitted plug is crucial to get the job done.

Make the putty into a wormlike shape and put it at the end of the water system. However, be cautious that it does not get inside the pipe system. Otherwise, it will be additional hassles. Make sure to turn off the water system before starting the repair.

  • Tape The Water System

Another affordable solution is using duct tape. Make sure to use high-quality duct tape that has a thicker layer. They need to be highly waterproof and withstand water pressure.

Add a double or triple layer of tape for better endurance. However, you can still need to finish the job within a short time. Otherwise, the tape will leak quickly due to water pressure.

Is Jet Swet Worth It?

Now, you know the possible alternatives you can use for soldering your watering system. Let’s learn the Jet Swet Plumbing plumb tool.

Jet Swet is a professional plumbing tool that allows you to solder the water system and work for it. Make sure to complete the task within 10 to 15 minutes.

The price of this toolbox is higher than common plumbing tools. All the parts are made from premium-grade materials. They have increased durability to take a lot of abuse.

You can use this plumbing tool for copper, PVC, black, steel, and stainless pipe. You don’t need to worry about the extreme heat of soldering and braising.

The manufacturer uses unique EPDM/Silicon composite materials to make its Jet Swet gasket. Additionally, it comes with one year warranty to ensure more reliability of the product. 

Bottom Lines

So, which Jet Swet alternative have you decided to choose?

Using a quality plumbing plug tool for soldering your water system is better. Apart from saving time and effort, it will reduce your hassles. But you need a reasonable budget to buy them.

You can use the affordable alternatives we have mentioned when you don’t have a reasonable budget. But they are not as reliable as the branded products.

Now, it is up to you which one to use, depending on your preference and budget.  

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  1. Ok like the jet sweat but wow far does it need to go in and it bend into elbow and if you only have a 1 inch or two nipple can you still use it with no damage or is the a minimum length is the alternative a better choice for that thxs

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