Jeld-Wen Vs. MasterCraft Exterior Doors: Which Is Better?

If you’re in the market for new exterior doors, two of the top brands to consider are Jeld-Wen and MasterCraft. But which one is the better choice for your home?

In this guide, we’ll compare Jeld-Wen and MasterCraft exterior doors across a variety of factors to help you decide which brand is right for your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

MaterialsWood, fiberglass, steelWood
StylesTraditional, contemporary, cottage, modernFrench country, arts & crafts, rustic, prairie
PerformanceWeather-resistant, insulated glass, average R-5 ratingPrecision joints, multipoint locks, R-10 rating
Visual AppealSleek modern, clean lines, traditional wood detailsIntricate wood details, hand-carved, distressed finishes
AvailabilityBig box stores, online, lumberyardsSelect online retailers, dealers, custom installers

Overview of Jeld-Wen Exterior Doors

Founded in 1960, Jeld-Wen is one of the largest manufacturers of windows and doors in the world. They offer a wide selection of high-quality exterior doors in many styles, materials, colors, and configurations to suit any home.

Some key features and benefits of Jeld-Wen exterior doors include:

JELD-WEN Exterior Door
  • Broad range of styles including traditional, modern, and contemporary designs
  • Available in wood, fiberglass, and steel
  • Energy efficient options with insulated cores
  • Custom sizing for a perfect fit
  • Durable construction with solid warranties
  • Variety of decorative glass and color choices
  • Easy to install and maintain

Jeld-Wen doors come in different model lines ranging from builder-grade to premium custom designs.

Popular choices like the Madison, Ashland, and Cambridge offer beautiful wood details at affordable prices.

For modern styles, the Auraline series features clean lines and plenty of glass.

Overview of MasterCraft Exterior Doors

MasterCraft is a leader in exterior doors known for outstanding quality and craftsmanship. They utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to produce doors that are as stunning as they are durable.

Notable features of MasterCraft exterior doors include:

  • Primarily wood doors with exceptional detailing
  • Unique styles from contemporary to old-world classic
  • Handcrafted in the USA using advanced Amish craftsmanship
  • Excellent protection against weather with precision-fit joints
  • Energy efficient with thick insulated cores
  • Durable finishes resistant to elements
  • Wide selection of wood species, textures, colors
  • Custom options available for truly one-of-a-kind doors
  • Transferable limited lifetime warranties

From rustic woods to elegant stained glass, MasterCraft offers high-end doors perfect for luxury homes, cottages, and everything in between. The Villagio collection exemplifies their mastery with intricate carvings and wrought iron accents.

Key Differences Between Jeld-Wen And MasterCraft

Now that we’ve provided an overview of Jeld-Wen and MasterCraft exterior doors, let’s compare them across some key factors to see how they differ.

  • Materials

One of the biggest differences between Jeld-Wen and MasterCraft is the materials they use to construct their doors.

Jeld-Wen offers exterior doors made from:

  • Wood – Oak, maple, pine, alder
  • Fiberglass – Molded for realistic woodgrain look
  • Steel – Durable and energy efficient

MasterCraft focuses almost exclusively on wood doors showcasing various species:

MasterCraft Exterior Door
  • Mahogany – Rich red-brown color
  • Alder – Subtle grain popular for stain
  • Oak – Beautiful natural patterns
  • Knotty Alder – Rustic, distinctive knots
  • Juniper – Resilient softwood

For the most authentic natural beauty, MasterCraft’s all-wood doors are superior.

But Jeld-Wen’s low-maintenance fiberglass and steel options add diversity.

  • Styles

Both Jeld-Wen and MasterCraft provide an ample selection of exterior door styles.

Common styles from Jeld-Wen include:

  • Craftsman – Bold wood details, glass accents
  • Contemporary – Sleek, minimalist designs
  • Cottage – Welcoming wood charm
  • Traditional – Classic elegance, wood panels

MasterCraft doors come in these popular styles:

  • French Country – Ornate designs, arched tops
  • Arts & Crafts – Handcrafted wood charm
  • Rustic – Natural texture, planks, timbers
  • Prairie – Clean lines, wide view windows

With ornate carved accents and custom designs, MasterCraft edges out over Jeld-Wen in terms of unique styling. But Jeld-Wen offers more modern and minimalist options.

  • Performance

For exterior doors that stand up to the elements, you’ll want excellent performance.

Jeld-Wen doors feature:

  • Weather-resistant seals and framing
  • Thermo-pane insulated glass
  • Sturdy steel skin over foam core (steel doors)
  • Average energy efficiency rating of R-5

MasterCraft utilizes premium materials and construction for robust performance:

  • Precision-fit joints prevent air and water infiltration
  • Multipoint lock systems for strength and security
  • Insulated solid wood cores with composite stiles
  • Top-notch energy efficiency rating of R-10
  • Limited lifetime warranties

Between the solid wood building, tight seals, and energy ratings, MasterCraft doors are the top choice for durable performance.

  • Cost

There’s quite a range when it comes to cost for exterior doors. Here’s how Jeld-Wen and MasterCraft compare:

Jeld-Wen entry doors:

  • Wood doors – $$ to $$$
  • Fiberglass doors – $$
  • Steel doors – $ to $$
  • Custom designs – $$$$+

MasterCraft entry doors:

  • Standard wood doors – $$$
  • Semi-custom – $$$ to $$$$
  • Fully custom – $$$$+

With more budget-friendly options under $500, Jeld-Wen takes the edge for affordability. MasterCraft focuses on premium doors at higher price points.

  • Visual Appeal

When it comes to looks, both brands offer attractive and versatile exterior doors.

Jeld-Wen doors feature:

  • Sleek modern options
  • Clean lines and large glass views
  • Traditional wood details
  • Fiberglass molded to mimic wood looks
  • Factory-painted colors or stained finishes

MasterCraft doors impress with:

  • Gorgeous natural wood grains
  • Intricate hand-carved designs
  • Unique wood textures and patterns
  • Custom staining, distressing and finishes
  • Ornate hardware, carvings, metalwork

For those wanting stunning wood details and custom high-end looks, MasterCraft is the clear winner. Jeld-Wen offers more everyday curb appeal at lower prices.

  • Availability

In terms of where you can get your hands on these exterior doors, both companies have adequate availability.

Jeld-Wen doors are sold through:

  • Major home improvement stores
  • Local lumberyards and distributors
  • Online retailers
  • Professional installers and contractors

MasterCraft doors are available via:

  • Select online retailers
  • Local dealers and showrooms
  • Custom door specialists
  • Professional installation only

Jeld-Wen edges out with more widespread availability. MasterCraft focuses on specialty dealers and custom installers for an elevated buying experience.

Which Is Better For You?

Now that you know how Jeld-Wen and MasterCraft exterior doors compare, it’s time to decide which brand is the better option for your home and budget.

Jeld-Wen is ideal if you want:

  • An affordable, quality door
  • Wide range of common styles
  • Low-maintenance fiberglass or steel
  • Energy efficient insulating options
  • Easy DIY installation

Choose MasterCraft for:

  • Outstanding craftsmanship and woodwork
  • Unique high-end designs and details
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Top-notch energy efficiency
  • A custom door made just for you

While MasterCraft takes the prize for unparalleled quality and craftsmanship, their premium custom doors simply aren’t accessible for many budgets. For an attractive, well-made door at a reasonable price, Jeld-Wen is a great choice for most homeowners.

The bottom line? Choose Jeld-Wen for affordable style and choose MasterCraft for exceptional quality and custom luxury details. Let your budget, design taste, and needs guide you to the ideal exterior door for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best exterior door brands?

Some of the top exterior door brands include: Jeld-Wen, MasterCraft, Therma-Tru, Pella, Andersen, Masonite, Simpson, etc.

What is the best exterior door?

The “best” exterior door depends on your needs and preferences. Top choices for the best exterior doors include:
Best Overall – Jeld-Wen for attractive styles at affordable prices
Best High-End – MasterCraft for stunning custom wood designs
Best Fiberglass – Masonite for durability and low maintenance
Best Steel – Therma-Tru for security, energy efficiency
Best Warranty – Pella with excellent limited lifetime warranties

What is the best exterior wood door?

For a beautiful authentic wood exterior door, consider these top options:
MasterCraft – Handcrafted Amish quality
Simpson – Charming period-appropriate historic styles
Pella – Advanced protection against weathering
Andersen – Timeless traditional designs and composites
Woodharbor – Custom doors with beautiful natural grains

What are the longest lasting exterior doors?

Top brands for durable exterior doors include MasterCraft, Pella, Therma-Tru, Simpson, and Jeld-Wen. Proper installation and regular maintenance are also key for longevity.

In summary:

  • Jeld-Wen offers more affordable, low-maintenance materials
  • MasterCraft focuses on premium wood styles and custom designs
  • MasterCraft has superior weather resistance and energy efficiency
  • Jeld-Wen has more widespread availability at big box stores

Let me know if you would like me to expand or clarify any part of this article.

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