Hoselink Vs. Gardena: Which Garden Hose Is Better?

When it comes to garden hoses, two leading brands stand out – UK-based Hoselink and German giant Gardena. But with different materials, features and price points, how do you decide which is right for your watering needs?

This comprehensive guide compares Hoselink and Gardena hoses in depth, analyzing the pros and cons of each across key factors like flexibility, durability, kink resistance and ease of use.

We examine how Hoselink’s innovative lightweight polymer hoses match up against Gardena’s range of vinyl, latex and rubber models. Technical features like coil memory, UV resistance and expandability are explained clearly.

By the end, you’ll understand the core strengths of both brands. Recommendations are provided for different needs like maximizing flexibility, durability or integrating with existing accessories.

Let’s explore whether premium Hoselink is worth the price over budget-friendly Gardena. You’ll have the knowledge to determine which hose is the better fit for your gardening requirements and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

Hose MaterialHybrid polymerVinyl, latex, or rubber
Hose DiameterVariesVaries
Hose LengthUp to 100ftUp to 100ft
Kink ResistanceExcellentGood
Coil MemoryExcellentAverage
UV ResistanceExcellentAverage

Hoselink Garden Hoses

Hoselink is a UK-based company that specializes in innovative and lightweight garden hoses. Their hoses are made from a proprietary hybrid polymer material that makes them ultra lightweight, flexible, kink-resistant and durable.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of Hoselink garden hoses:

Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel
  • Lightweight – Hoselink hoses are significantly lighter than traditional rubber or vinyl hoses. Their lightweight design makes them easier to maneuver around the yard and less fatiguing to use.
  • Flexibility – The hybrid polymer material provides excellent flexibility. Hoselink hoses are easy to coil and maneuver around plants and landscaping features.
  • Kink resistance – The inner coil helps prevent kinking at the faucet. You can pull and drag a Hoselink hose without it tangling or kinking up.
  • Coil memory – Even after prolonged use, Hoselink hoses easily return back to their original coiled shape for convenient storage. No more wrestling with a stubborn, misshapen hose!
  • Durability – Hoselink hoses are very durable and can withstand years of outdoor use. The outer cover is abrasion-resistant.
  • UV resistance – The polymer material provides UV protection to prevent sun damage and cracking over time. Hoselink hoses stay flexible even after prolonged sun exposure.
  • Expandable length – Many Hoselink hoses can expand up to 3 times their length when pressurized with water. A 50 ft hose can extend to 150 ft when turned on. Very useful for washing cars, siding, or watering large areas.
  • Variety of diameters – Hoselink offers hoses in different diameters like 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch to suit different water pressure levels and needs.
  • Long warranties – Most Hoselink hoses come with a 5 or 7 year manufacturer’s warranty, underscoring their reputation for durability.

Overall, Hoselink garden hoses live up to their reputation for innovation and performance. Their lightweight, flexible, kink-free design makes watering tasks much easier. While they are more expensive than basic vinyl hoses, most users feel the price is worthwhile for the superior performance and longevity.

Gardena Garden Hoses

Gardena is a popular German brand that offers a wide selection of hoses made from different materials like vinyl, latex and rubber. Here are some key things to know about Gardena garden hoses:

Gardena Hose Reel
  • Variety of materials – Gardena has vinyl, latex and rubber hoses options depending on budget and needs. Vinyl is lightweight and cheap. Latex has better kink resistance. Rubber is very durable.
  • Good flexibility – Gardena hoses have decent flexibility but are not quite as easy to maneuver as the hybrid polymer Hoselink hoses. Vinyl models can develop kinks over time.
  • Durable construction – Gardena hoses are built to last. Their rubber hoses in particular can handle years of rough use. Latex and vinyl models have good strength too.
  • Kink-free models available – Some Gardena models like the Premium Flex Control hose have special anti-kink construction for better maneuverability. But kinking resistance is not as good as Hoselink.
  • Coil memory is average – Gardena hoses may not coil back into shape as effortlessly as Hoselink after use. The vinyl and latex models in particular tend to develop memory and may not recoil as tidily after prolonged use.
  • Decent UV resistance – Gardena hoses have UV inhibitors to protect against sun damage. But they may become more prone to cracking over time versus Hoselink hoses.
  • Wide range of sizes – Gardena offers hoses in many standard sizes – 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch diameters at lengths up to 100 feet. Hoselink has a more limited sizing selection.
  • Lower cost – Gardena hoses are generally more affordable than Hoselink. This makes them a better choice if you’re on a tight budget but don’t need ultra premium performance.
  • Large product ecosystem – As a major brand, Gardena has a vast ecosystem of hose fittings, nozzles, reels, and other accessories that all perfectly fit their hoses. Convenient if you want an integrated setup.

To summarize, Gardena hoses are a solid mid-range option that offer decent quality and performance at an affordable price point. They may not be as lightweight or flexible as Hoselink, but are much cheaper and offer more size/material options.

In-depth Comparison of Hoselink And Gardena

Now that we’ve covered the key features and differences, let’s directly compare Hoselink and Gardena hoses:


  • Hoselink is much more flexible and easier to maneuver thanks to the hybrid polymer material. Gardena vinyl and latex models have decent flexibility but are not quite as effortless to coil and move around.

Kink Resistance

Gardena Hose Reel
  • Hoselink wins again here – the inner coil and polymer material make Hoselink hoses practically kink-proof. Gardena kink resistance is decent but not perfect. Their Premium Flex Control hose performs better than standard models.


  • It’s a split decision – Gardena rubber hoses are extremely durable and can withstand rough use for years. But Hoselink polymer hoses are also very long-lasting thanks to their abrasion-resistant outer layer.


  • Hoselink is much lighter and easier to carry around the yard. Gardena vinyl and latex hoses have average weight. Their rubber hoses are heavier.

Coil Memory

  • Hoselink rebounds into its coil shape even after prolonged use. Gardena hoses may develop stubborn memory over time.

UV Resistance

  • Hoselink polymer material provides superior UV resistance versus Gardena standard vinyl, latex and rubber.


  • Gardena is more affordable, while Hoselink commands a premium price.


  • Gardena wins on variety – they offer a wider range of hose types, lengths and diameters. Hoselink has a more limited selection.

Accessories Ecosystem

  • Gardena’s vast ecosystem gives them the edge for integrated hose setups.

So in summary, Hoselink hoses are lighter, more flexible and more kink resistant. But Gardena offers greater value, more variety and integrated accessory options.


For Superior Flexibility & Mobility – Hoselink

Hoselink Hose Reel

If your top priority is lightweight flexibility and kink resistance, Hoselink is easily the better choice.

Their hoses are much easier to work with and coil up for storage versus Gardena.

The convenience is well worth the higher price.

For Durability & Value – Gardena

If you want a reasonably priced, durable hose without paying for premium features, Gardena is a great option. Their rubber hoses in particular will last for years. Gardena is ideal if you don’t need ultra-lightweight mobility.

For Integrated System – Gardena

Gardena is the clear choice if you want an integrated hose setup. Their huge ecosystem of attachments, nozzles and reels perfectly match their hoses to create a seamless system.

Best Anti-Kink Model – Gardena Premium Flex Control

This Gardena hose uses special technology to deliver superior kink and twist resistance. It’s a great choice if you like Gardena but want maximum maneuverability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Hoselink hoses worth it?

Hoselink hoses justify their higher price with excellent flexibility, kink resistance and durability. If you’re frustrated with constantly fighting inflexible, twisting hoses, the upgrade to Hoselink is worth it. Their innovative design makes watering tasks much easier.

Is Gardena better than Hozelock?

It depends – Gardena offers better value and more variety in terms of hose sizes and materials. But specific Hozelock models like the Aquarius or Crusader hoses surpass Gardena in flexibility and kink resistance.

Is Gardena a good brand?

Yes, Gardena is known for making quality, durable garden hoses and accessories at affordable prices. Their products may not offer premium features, but are reliable workhorses for most watering needs. The company’s vast accessory ecosystem is also a major plus.

What is the best water hose reel?

Hoselink and Gardena both make excellent hose reels that integrate seamlessly with their hoses.
1. The Hoselink AutoHose Reel is ultra lightweight with a sleek, wall-mounted design. It’s easy to install and the hose self-retracts at the pull of a lever.
2. The Gardena Classic Hose Reel has a rugged freestanding design on wheels. The reel automatically locks when you pull out the desired hose length. Well-built and maintenance free.

Wrapping Up

So in summary, Hoselink and Gardena both make top-quality garden hoses that are leaders in their markets. Hoselink offers cutting edge flexibility and mobility. Gardena provides time-tested durability and value.

Consider your key needs and budget to determine which brand is the right choice for you. With proper care, both Hoselink and Gardena hoses will provide years of reliable service.

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