Honeywell CT87K Won’t Turn off: Reasons And Troubleshooting Tips

A thermostat is an extremely necessary thing for a house as well as commercial areas. Thermostats help to keep the temperature at a comfortable range and make the machines work properly.

Honeywell CT87K is a popular thermostat, and you can find this almost everywhere. Though it is a non-programmable thermostat, you may face some problems when using it.

One of the common problems you might face is that Honeywell CT87K won’t turn off- Don’t worry. In this article, you’ll get to know the probable reasons behind this problem and how to solve these.

Why Won’t Honeywell CT87K Turn off?

Several reasons might be responsible for this problem. Let’s find out-

  • Wiring Problem
Honeywell CT87K Thermostat

One of the primary reasons that might be responsible for your Honeywell thermostat problem is the wiring problem.

It’s possible that the cabling from the Honeywell CT87K to the unit control board is faulty, or the wire connection is loose.

This only takes one erroneously fitted wire to cause the system to malfunction.

This could result in expensive electricity bills, an uncomfortable building temperature, or the system failing, along with the problem that your thermostat won’t turn off.

Non-programmable thermostats must be thoroughly inspected so that the screws are tight and a strong connection is made with the wires. It can happen that the wires of thermostats are not held in place with screws to preserve a connection.

As a result, even if a wire appears to be securely fastened, it is loose actually.

  • Blocked Heat Sensor

A defective temperature sensor is a reason that your thermostat is detecting the incorrect temperature in your house. As a result, the thermostat won’t turn off because the sensor detects the heat even if you switch it off.  It can be a tricky one to fix.

This problem can happen if you don’t clean your thermostat for a long period of time. The dirt can be built inside the thermostat, and it can cause a malfunction of the heat sensor.

  • Location Problem

If your Honeywell CT87K is placed in the wrong location to your house, it can create the problem of not turning off. Sometimes the thermostats are set in an area where there is no scope for the air to enter.

In that situation, the place becomes comparatively hot. For that reason, the thermostat won’t shut off because it wants to cool the place down.

When the thermostat is placed in a blocked area or in a place where airflow is very low, it creates other problems such as a blown fuse. Low airflow makes the heating unit extremely hot, leading to the blown fuse problem.

  • Faulty Leveling

For a non-programmable thermostat like Honeywell CT87K, leveling is extremely important. This is because it is operated with a mercury bulb.

When the temperature increases, the coil inside the switch expands, and that’s how the thermostat gets the signal.

For doing this job smoothly, the thermostat needs to be leveled. If you want to check whether your thermostat is leveled or not, you must open the cover first. After opening the lid, inspect the mercury bulb carefully, and you will find out if the bulb is not leveled.

Troubleshooting Honeywell CT87K

Honeywell CT87K Thermostat troubleshooting

After finding out the actual reason, it will be easier for you to solve this problem. Here are a few techniques for your Honeywell CT87K thermostat troubleshooting –

  • Change the Wires

If the wire of your thermostat gets damaged, you need to replace the entire wire and connect a new one. The connection will be between the main unit and the thermostat.

First of all, turn off the furnace, AC, or whichever the main unit the thermostat is connected with.

Then open the cover of the thermostat, and you will find a red and a white wire. Unscrew both wires from the terminal. Then take two exact same new wires and connect them with the terminal.

Remember, the red one connects with the R terminal, and the White one connects with the C terminal.

After changing the wires, turn the main unit on. If faulty wires were the problem, then your problem should be solved by now.

  • Relocate the Thermostat

As discussed above, one of the major reasons the Honeywell CT87K won’t turn off is the blockage and bad placement. The thermostat should be in a place where the airflow is good and not direct under the sunlight.

The sunlight can affect the thermostat’s heating sensor, which will lead to the malfunctioning of the thermostat.

The perfect area for placing your Honeywell CT87K is the middle area of your house, away from doors and windows.

  • Clean the Thermostat

The dirt inside the thermostat can create a blockage which will affect the sensor of the thermostat. Blockage on the sensor means the thermostat will get faulty readings and act accordingly.

So if your Honeywell thermostat won’t turn off, open the lid, and clean the dirt carefully.

  • Repair the Damage

If you find any damage (internal, external) to your thermostat, make sure you repair it perfectly. Because simple damage can cause severe problems. In the case of internal damage, replacing the parts would be the best solution for you.

When to Call a Professional?

If your Honeywell CT87K thermostat won’t turn off even after you try all the basic troubleshooting, it might be the time you should call a professional.

A professional has all the equipment that is needed to troubleshoot a thermostat. The specialist will find the reason from the root and provide you with the solution no matter how severe the problem is.

When to Replace Your Honeywell CT87K?

There are two primary reasons why you might require a new thermostat. First of all, your thermostat may simply need to be replaced due to its age.

Thermostats, like most other household items, ultimately wear out and malfunction.

Second, it’s possible that your thermostat isn’t correctly connected to your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system.  Whatever the reason is, consult with a specialist before replacing it.

Is Honeywell CT87K Worth It?

Honeywell CT87K

The Honeywell CT87K manual Thermostat is one of the most preferred thermostats on the market.

This is a round heat-only thermostat, which has been installed in over 75 million homes and businesses, is a simple and dependable way to adjust the temperature of your surroundings.

This non-programmable thermostat was created with the user in mind, with a simple and accurate spherical shape that has been praised for its easy use and installation process.

The Honeywell CT87K manual thermostat has earned its status as a top-level thermostat. The Honeywell CT87K thermostat works with heating-only systems, such as forced air (gas, oil, and electric), hot water and steam, and heat pumps without a backup.

However, users sometimes complain that the Honeywell thermostat won’t turn off. There are some culprits behind this problem, and we will discuss these thoroughly.

Final Words

Honeywell CT87K won’t turn offis a common problem, and there are many reasons behind it. There’s a quote that- ‘Your problem is half solved once you know the reason for the problem.’

So, if you want to solve the problem of your Honeywell CT87K, find out the reason carefully.

Try the basic troubleshooting techniques mentioned above. Most of the cases, the problem gets solved by these techniques.

However, call a pro if these methods fail, and you don’t get any results.

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