Hevea Vs. Birch Butcher Block For Standing Desk (2023)

Are you considering building a standing desk and needing a quality butcher block?

Hevea and Birch are two top hardwoods to consider when you need the best hardwood reflection butcher blocks. Here, Hevea is bigger in size than Birch Butcher Block to ensure that whether you need to build a vast area standing desk or a smaller one.

In addition, Hevea hardwood is in Medium Brown color whereas the Birch is in light reddish brown color. Both ensure excellent standing against wear and tear, stain, and scratches.

Facts also show that Hevea is a cheaper hardwood material than Birch, but it is widely used by more consumers than Birch.

A Brief Comparison Table

SpecificationsHevea Butcher BlockBirch Butcher Block
Durability Or hardnessNot that durable or hard, with only 960 lbsHarder and durable with 1260 lbs
Finishing, Stain, and ColorGreatGreat
Wood ColorMedium BrownLight Reddish Brown
UsabilityEasy To UseEasy To Use
Where can you use it?It can be used on Furniture, Cabinetry, interior millwork, and other small, specialty wood items.It can be used on Plywood, Boxes, Crates, turned objects, interior trim, and other small specialty wood items.
Weight When it is dried37 lbs/3ft43 lbs./3ft
Lasting PeriodGreatExtensive
SizeSlightly Bigger with 75-100 ft (23-30 m) tall, 1-3 ft (.3-1 m) trunk diameterSlightly Smaller with 65-100 ft (20-30 m) tall, 2-3 ft (.6-1.0 m) trunk diameter

In-Depth Differences Between Hevea and Birch Butcher Blocks

It doesn’t matter whether you are building a standing desk, a kitchen countertop, laundry room shelves, or anything else, having the right finishing or butcher block from Hevea or Birch will do the job.

But the following are the differences between these two when you are desired to choose hardwood from both options.

  • Durability Or Hardness
Hevea And Birch Butcher Block

Hevea wins the size category but loses the Hardness or durability category.

It is because this hardwood is slightly less hard than Birch.

Birch comes with 1260 lbf hardness which is more and proves itself to be more durable than Hevea.

However, even with 960 lbf hardness, Hevea is still better than many other hardwoods available in the market.

You can choose any of these to finish your DIY standing Desk project and install a deck on the surface easily.

  • Finishing, Stain, and Color

Usually, hardwood has its own color. It ensures a durable surface that cannot be demolished easily.

This feature is the same for both hardwood options we have here. Whether you choose Hevea or Birch, you will find these hardwood decks or butcher blocks stain-free, wear and tear-free, and color-demolishing-free.

Moreover, you can also apply coatings when you need to provide more finishing above the hardwood.

  • Wood Color

Both hardwoods have unique color specifications. Hevea has a medium brown color that provides a unique finish whenever installed above the standing desk.

On the other hand, the Birch comes in reddish-brown and looks perfect for making a part of your standing desk.

It depends on which color butcher block suits you best and which you find more appealing than the standing desk you are building.

  • Usability

Using either butcher block is not a tough job. They come exactly the same size you need for installing over a desk, counter, or anything else.

So, pick your butcher block, have it, and fix it above the standing desk you are building. Or it could be anything like a kitchen counter, a table, a chair, and more.

  • Where Can You Use It?
Hevea butcher block
Hevea butcher block

Usually, Hevea butcher blocks are highly recommended to use for furniture items.

You can also use this for cabinetry, interior millwork, and more places.

The best thing is that these blocks ensure the fabulous finishing for the furniture items or if a desk, table, or counter is missing a desktop.

In contrast, the Birch can be used for Plywood, Boxes, Crates, turned objects, and other smaller interior objects.

Yet, there is not much difference between the useability of both; you can specify which one will suit best for what type of job.

  • Weight When It Is Dried

The dried weight or a butcher block ensures how hard and stuffy it will be. In that regard, the Hevea has a lower weight of only 37 lbs which means it is less stuffy and hard.

On the other hand, the Birch Butcher block has 43 lbs weight which is stuffier and harder. It helps an individual decide which will bear more weight and pressure when used as a desktop over a standing desk or anything else.

  • Pricing

There is not a huge difference between the prices of these butcher blocks. Yet, the slightest pricing difference tells you that Hevea sells cheaper butcher blocks than Birch.

This way, you can specify your budget according to the specific butcher block, depending on your need.

  • Lasting Period

The last thing you’d expect from a Butcher Block is to see it standing for a greater period.

Birch would last longer than Hevea because of being a harder and more durable butcher block than Hevea.

But Hevea is also not a bad option depending on your pay and the color you choose. It ensures great durability for a reasonable period.

  • Size
Birch butcher block
Birch butcher block

Does size matter when you are looking for hardwood reflection Butcher blocks?

Yes, it does!

The smaller that block will be, the smaller desk it will produce, and vice versa.

Considering Hevea, their trees are larger, and these blocks usually come in larger sizes.

Get your DIY projects done with the right selection of hardwood reflection from Hevea larger blocks that most people like because they can make extensive decks with it.

Compared to that, Birch butcher blocks are slightly smaller in size and will ultimately be used where you need more customized desks or standing units.

The tree sizes have been mentioned in the box so one can easily find the difference between both.

Which Butcher Block Should You Choose For Standing Desk?

In my view, both butcher blocks are great to consider. But the final decision is always yours. Like, if you need a butcher block in a smaller size, brown color, and at a reasonably less price, Hevea is a good option for you.

Compared to this, if you need a lasting, harder, and reddish brown colored butcher block, then Birch is your fine selection. In this way, you can choose whichever suits you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Hevea Wood Good For Butcher Block?

Yes, it’s a great wood when installing a butcher block over a desk, cabinetry, or any other furniture item.

Is Hevea Wood Good?

It is durable, cheaper, comes larger, and doesn’t suspect stain or wear and tear. Therefore, the Hevea hardwood is an excellent wood for many furniture products to install as a desktop.

What Is The Best Wood For A Butcher’s Block?

Some highly recommended wood options for butcher’s block include cherry, walnut, maple, beech, acacia, teak, etc. One can also use oak, birch, or mahogany hardwoods.

Is Hevea Good For A Desktop?

Yes, it is reliable, easy to install, and a good option to be used for a desktop.

Wrapping Things Up

A comparison between Hevea and Birch Butcher Block helps you decide which hardwood option is good for your next DIY build. If you are building a standing desk, wood will do the job.

However, you must go with the Hevea as it is highly used and recommended. But if you are a fan or have any experience with Birch, I won’t say that you are making a bad choice!

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