Franklin Pumps Vs. Goulds Pumps: In-depth Differences

Submersible pumps are a basic necessity in the modern world. While Fraklin pumps focus on commercial areas, Gould pumps are popular in areas where the water supply is inefficient.

Goulds pump has dominated the industrial water pump market for 150 years. The company has gained popularity due to its constant improvement. On the other hand, Franklin has established itself as a commercial product.

The article highlights some of the critical specifications of Franklin and Gould pumps to ease your selection process.

Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationFranklin PumpsGould Pumps
Item Dimension30 x 6 x 6 inches 17 x 13 x 27 inches
Voltage230 Volts230 Volts
Horse Power1 HP1 HP
Flow Rate20 Gallons Per Minute18 Gallons Per Minute
Special Feature 3-Wire Pump with Control BoxControl Box with 12 years of Warranty
PricingAround $170 Around $130 

Key Differences Between Franklin And Gould Pumps

After a brief comparison, here is a detailed discussion of the key differences between Franklin and Gould Pumps.

  • Voltage And Horsepower
Franklin Well Pump
Franklin Well Pump

The voltage and horsepower will determine the strength of your water pump.

Water pumps with around 200-300 Volt voltage will suffice your priorities.

On the other hand, the HorsePower quality determines the pump’s durability. 

Franklin water pump features 230 Volt voltage and carries a horsepower of 1 HP. Therefore, there is no doubt about its strength and durability.

As the product is widely used in the commercial area, there is a high stake in its efficiency. 

Goulds pump also features a similar voltage. However, the horsepower varies according to its model. The horsepower of Goulds pumps ranges from 0.5-1 HP. 

  • Flow Rate 

The flow rate determines how much water the pump will supply per minute. Therefore, a better flow rate will ensure an efficient and fast water supply.

Franklin water pumps lead the chart when it comes to better flow rates. The water pumps supply 20 gallons per minute.

Since it is a commercial product, Franklin has ensured high efficiency of water supply.

Meanwhile, Goulds pumps generate 18 gallons of water per minute. You might doubt its flow rate compared to that of Franklin pumps.

However, the efficiency of Gould pumps depends on the specific areas they supply water. 

  • Location

Locations and areas are the key factors that draw a significant margin between Franklin and Goulds pumps.

Franklin pumps are mainly used in commercial and residential areas. As a result, the pumps are constructed with a wide array of submersible pumps for excellent performance and smooth flow rate. 

However, Goulds pump caters to industrial, agricultural, residential, and urban areas. The company constantly improvises on its technical aspect to adjust to conditions and provide a hassle-free water supply. 

  • Materials 
Goulds Shallow Well Pump
Goulds Shallow Well Pump

Almost every submersible pump is made of plastic materials.

The same goes for Franklin and Goulds pump as well.

The primary material of the pump’s body is made of plastic.

A stainless covering protects the pump from internal damage and rust.

However, there is a slight difference in the styling of the two pumps. 

Franklin is designed as a diaphragm water pump, whereas Goulds is submersible. The size and dimension of the water pumps also vary. Therefore, you need to be precise when choosing the right water pump.

  • Special Features

Some unique aspects intimate the competition between Franklin and Goulds pumps. These special features will assist you in combating unwanted situations and protect you from heavy leakage.

Franklin features a 3-wire pump that is compatible and carries a control box that allows access to the components from the ground. The powerful water pump can sustain heavy loads and restrict damages.

Goulds water pumps are highly innovative, and you can adjust the water pumps in your residential areas. The pumps are compatible as well and reach a great dept underground.

Selecting the better one based on the unique features can take time and effort. However, the warranty service of Goulds pump keeps it just ahead of Franklin.

  • Warranty and Pricing

Pricing and warranty service are the last stop of the discussion. Regarding pricing, the Franklin water pumps are much more expensive than the Goulds water pumps. 

Franklin water pump costs about $170 as it is a commercial product. Meanwhile, a Goulds water pump costs about $130. Therefore, the Goulds water pump is suitable if you have a tight budget.

Regarding warranty service Goulds provide the best options you can select. The products come with a warranty of 12 years, and you can exchange them quickly if the product shows any signs of damage.

Which Pump Is The Best Option?

If you reside in a residential area and looking for an affordable water pump, then Goulds water pump is the best option.

Location is the prime factor when selecting the perfect water pump. Therefore, you must ensure your surroundings before purchasing the best water pump.

The Goulds water pump tops the chart with exciting features and strong durability. You can rely on the water pump because of its strength and protection against calamities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What well pump is the best?

The submersible pump that caters to residential areas with 0.5, 0.75, or 1 HP is considered the best well pump in the market. 

Are Goulds Pumps any good?

Customers have expressed their satisfaction after using the Goulds Pumps. However, it is the durability that has impressed the audience. 

Where are Franklin pumps made?

Franklin Electric Inc. originated in Blufton, Indiana. The company is the leading manufacturer and producer in the world. 

Who makes Goulds Pumps?

In 1997, ITT Industries, a renowned manufacturing company, acquired Goulds Pump. 


It is tough to decide the winner in this “Franklin pumps or Goulds pumps” debate. Both pumps cater to different sets of areas. 

In the case of efficient water supply, Franklin pumps are just ahead of Goulds pumps. However, as Goulds pumps supply water to the urban zones, the benefits vary from that of Franklin pumps. 

Therefore, you must acknowledge your area and its water supply system before purchasing the best water pump.

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One thought on “Franklin Pumps Vs. Goulds Pumps: In-depth Differences

  1. I have a Franklin well pump for my home. It’s now 12 plus years old and has been a great well pump. I had a Sears well pump called, Star bright or something like that, it was over 30 years old and still pumping. There are many kinds of well pumps today. I am happy with my Franklin pump. Hope for at least 20 years out of it.

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