FIMCO Vs. WorkHorse Sprayer: A Comprehensive Analysis

So, you’re looking for an ATV sprayer and can’t decide between FIMCO and WorkHorse?

You’re not alone, my friend. We’re here to delve deep into these two popular sprayers, highlighting their key features, pros, cons, and which one might be the best fit for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

Given the myriad of differences and similarities between FIMCO and WorkHorse sprayers, a comparison table provides a quick and easy overview:

FeaturesFIMCO SprayersWorkHorse Sprayers
Design and ConstructionHeavy-duty polyethylene tanksEverflo pumps with robust design
Chemical ResistanceHighMedium
Adjustable PressureYesYes
Flow Rate ConsistencyMediumHigh
Model SelectionWideLimited
Mounting SystemStandard‘Quick Attach’ System
Price PointAffordableHigher
Boomless OptionAvailableAvailable
Spray CoverageStandardWide (for boomless models)

FIMCO Sprayer: The Workhorse in its Own Right

FIMCO Industries is a front-runner in the sprayer game, with their products known for durability and efficiency.

  • Key Features of FIMCO Sprayers

First off, FIMCO sprayers are designed with heavy-duty polyethylene tanks, providing exceptional resistance to harsh chemicals. This trait alone is a huge win.

The last thing you need is your sprayer tank breaking down due to the very chemicals it’s meant to contain.

Furthermore, FIMCO sprayers offer adjustable pressure gauges, a major plus for fine-tuning application rates.

A variety of models and sizes, from 15 to 60 gallons, accommodate diverse spraying needs.

Whether it’s spraying herbicides, insecticides, or liquid fertilizers, a FIMCO sprayer has got you covered.

Pros and Cons of FIMCO Sprayers


  • Robust and durable design
  • High chemical resistance
  • Adjustable pressure for varied application


  • Certain models may be bulky for smaller ATVs
  • Hose length can be limiting for larger fields

WorkHorse Sprayer: A Competitor Not to Be Ignored

When it comes to ATV sprayers, WorkHorse Products isn’t lagging. They offer some serious competition to FIMCO with their well-engineered sprayers.

  • Key Features of WorkHorse Sprayers

WorkHorse sprayers are revered for their robust design and a high degree of user control. They feature Everflo pumps that guarantee consistent flow rates, a fundamental attribute for even application.

WorkHorse sprayers also boast a unique “Quick Attach” system, making it a breeze to mount on your ATV. Plus, their boomless models offer a wide spray coverage, particularly useful for extensive terrains.

Pros and Cons of WorkHorse Sprayers

WorkHorse ATV Sprayer


  • Robust design with user-friendly features
  • Consistent flow rate
  • Easy mounting with the ‘Quick Attach’ system


  • Slightly higher price tag than competitors
  • Limited model options compared to FIMCO

Key Differences Between FIMCO and WorkHorse Sprayers

When it comes to sprayers, especially those designed for ATVs, FIMCO and WorkHorse are two brands that are consistently at the top of the list. Though they both boast robustness and efficiency, there are several notable differences that set them apart.

  • Design and Construction

The foundation of any sprayer is its design and construction, dictating how well it withstands the rigors of the job. FIMCO sprayers are built with heavy-duty polyethylene tanks, known for their superior resistance to chemicals, making them a perfect choice for extensive, frequent use.

On the other hand, WorkHorse sprayers are praised for their unique design that emphasizes user control. These sprayers feature Everflo pumps that ensure a steady, consistent flow rate, necessary for an even application.

  • Model Selection

Variety is a spice of life and sprayers are no exception. FIMCO offers a wide range of models and sizes, catering to different spraying needs. The sizes range from 15 gallons to 60 gallons, perfect for diverse applications, whether it’s for a small garden or a large field.

In contrast, WorkHorse has a more limited selection. But where they may lack in quantity, they make up in the quality and specific design features of their models, such as the easy mounting “Quick Attach” system, making the installation process a breeze.

  • Price Point

For many, budget is a determining factor. FIMCO sprayers typically come with a more affordable price tag, making them an attractive choice for those who require a sturdy, reliable sprayer without breaking the bank.

WorkHorse sprayers, however, tend to be priced higher. But, with their price tag comes additional features and the promise of consistent performance, justifying the higher investment for many users.

When deciding between a boom or boomless sprayer, think about your needs and terrain. Boom sprayers are great for precision and control but are more prone to damage in rough terrains.

Conversely, boomless sprayers provide broader coverage and are ideal for uneven or obstacle-ridden landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a FIMCO Sprayer Used for?

FIMCO sprayers are versatile tools used for various applications such as spraying herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, or even for water distribution in gardens and fields.

What is a Boomless ATV Sprayer?

A boomless ATV sprayer is a type of sprayer that doesn’t have a conventional spray boom. Instead, it uses specialized nozzles that spray the liquid in a wide pattern, providing broad coverage.

What is a Tractor Mounted Sprayer?

A tractor-mounted sprayer is a type of sprayer designed to be attached to a tractor. It is generally used for large-scale agricultural or commercial spraying operations.

Concluding Thoughts

The decision between FIMCO and WorkHorse sprayer hinges on your specific needs. If you value broad model selection and high chemical resistance, FIMCO could be your go-to.

However, if you’re after a consistent flow rate and a user-friendly mounting system, WorkHorse might take the cake. Ultimately, both offer robust, reliable options to consider in the realm of ATV sprayers.

Regardless of your choice, remember to consider the type of sprayer (boom or boomless) that suits your terrain and task.

Happy spraying!

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