Ettitude Vs. Cozy Earth Sheets: Which Are Better?

When it comes to premium bed sheets, two brands stand out from the crowd: Ettitude and Cozy Earth. Both offer luxuriously soft bamboo bed sheets that promise a cool, breathable night’s sleep.

But with different materials, pricing, and features, how do you decide which option is right for you?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Ettitude and Cozy Earth on key factors like materials, breathability, comfort, pricing, and more. Whether you’re looking for responsibly-sourced sheets or the ultimate hotel luxury feel, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in!

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureEttitudeCozy Earth
Material100% Organic Bamboo LyocellBamboo Viscose + Cotton Blend
FeelSilky, sateen weaveUltra-soft, downy blend
DurabilityDurable, 5 year warrantyExtremely durable, 10 year warranty
Price$160-$200 for Queen$369-$419 for Queen
SizesTwin – Cal KingTwin – Cal King
Colors/Patterns20+ solids & printsSolids & stripes
OverallGreat luxury for the priceUnparalleled luxury & quality

In-depth Comparison of Ettitude And Cozy Earth Sheets


Ettitude Bamboo Sheets

The material is one of the biggest differences between these two sheet brands.

Ettitude uses 100% bamboo lyocell for their sheet sets. Lyocell is a type of rayon fabric made from bamboo using a closed-loop manufacturing process. This makes Ettitude’s sheets silky smooth, breathable, and gentle on sensitive skin.

As a plant-based material, bamboo lyocell is renewable and biodegradable as well.

Cozy Earth, on the other hand, uses a blend of bamboo viscose and cotton. Their bamboo viscose comes from sustainably-harvested bamboo grass and provides exceptional softness and moisture-wicking abilities.

They blend it with cotton for enhanced durability and breathability. This creates a lightweight, breathable fabric blend.

Both lyocell and viscose undergo chemical processes to turn the bamboo into a fabric. However, lyocell is considered a more eco-friendly process.

So if sustainability is your top priority, Ettitude has an edge here. But Cozy Earth’s blend creates an exceptionally soft handfeel that some sleepers prefer over pure bamboo lyocell.


When it comes to temperature regulation, both Ettitude and Cozy Earth aim to offer ultra-breathable sheets that keep you cool all night long.

As a natural fiber, bamboo is more breathable than traditional cotton. It wicks moisture away from the skin and increases airflow. This prevents overheating or night sweats. Both brands use specially designed bamboo that maximizes these natural cooling properties.

In reviews, most customers agree that Ettitude and Cozy Earth sheets sleep incredibly cool and comfortable year-round. Their lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics prevent the clingy, sweaty feeling you can get with inferior sheets.

However, some very hot sleepers note that Cozy Earth’s blended bamboo and cotton fabric sleeps slightly more breathable than Ettitude. The cotton blending enhances airflow while the bamboo viscose handles moisture-wicking.

So if you really struggle with overheating, Cozy Earth may have a slight edge. But both brands still rate as excellent for keeping you cool.


A sheet’s comfort comes down to factors like softness, breathability, adjustability, and overall luxuriousness. By these metrics, both Ettitude and Cozy Earth deliver exceptional comfort:

Cozy Earth Bed Sheet
  • Softness: Using high-quality bamboo fabric, both brands offer silky smooth, ultra-soft sheets that feel gentle on sensitive skin. Ettitude’s sateen weave adds lustrous softness while Cozy Earth’s blended fabric creates a light, downy handfeel. For many customers, these are the softest sheets they’ve ever slept on!
  • Breathability: As described above, both Ettitude and Cozy Earth excel at temperature regulation and airflow. This enhances comfort by preventing overheating, sweatiness, and restlessness.
  • Adjustability: With fitted and flat sheets, plus pillowcases, you can customize these sheet sets for the perfect fit on any bed. Deep fitted sheets accommodate thicker mattresses while elastic trim keeps sheets wrinkle-free.
  • Luxury feel: From the silky-soft fabrics to sleek, minimal packaging, both brands offer a high-end luxury hotel experience. It’s like sleeping on a cloud!

While personal preferences may apply, most reviewers find both Ettitude and Cozy Earth sheets deliver unparalleled comfort and luxury.


Premium sheets come with a higher price tag, so you’ll want them to last. Here’s how Ettitude and Cozy Earth compare on durability:

  • Ettitude: Using 100% bamboo lyocell, Ettitude’s sheets are exceptionally durable and resistant to pilling. The lyocell process creates strong, dense fibers that withstand frequent washing and retain softness. Ettitude offers a 5 year warranty on their sheets.
  • Cozy Earth: Blending bamboo viscose with cotton enhances the sheets’ durability and longevity. The cotton adds strength while the bamboo provides softness. Reviewers say these sheets maintain their luxurious feel wash after wash. Cozy Earth offers a 10 year warranty.

So while both brands create durable, high-quality sheets, Cozy Earth’s blended fabric and longer warranty provide an edge in longevity. For the price, customers want sheets that will last – and Cozy Earth delivers.


Given their premium materials and quality, neither Ettitude or Cozy Earth come cheap. Here’s how their sheet set pricing compares:

  • Ettitude: Queen sheet sets range $160-$200. Competitive pricing among luxury bamboo sheet brands.
  • Cozy Earth: Queen sheet sets range $369-$419. Significantly higher than Ettitude, reflecting their longer warranty and ultra-high-end positioning.

Ettitude offers luxury sheets at more approachable pricing, while Cozy Earth skews premium/ultra-luxury. With either brand, you can find periodic sales and promos to help offset the investment.

For many shoppers, Ettitude offers the best balance of quality materials, luxury feel, and reasonable value long-term. But for unmatched softness and durability, Cozy Earth justifies their higher pricing with exceptional quality.


Having the right sheet size is key for a perfect, wrinkle-free fit. Here are the sizing options for each brand:

  • Ettitude: Offers all standard mattress sizes from twin to California king. Deep pocket options accommodate thicker mattresses up to 18″.
  • Cozy Earth: Also available in the full range of mattress sizes. Their fitted sheets feature an extra deep pocket to fit mattresses up to 18″ thick.

With broad size availability and deep pocket options, you can find an Ettitude or Cozy Earth sheet set to fit any bed.

Additional Factors

A few other factors that may influence your decision:

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets
  • Patterns & colors: Ettitude offers 20+ color/pattern choices including solids, prints, and textured options like stonewashed linen. Cozy Earth currently only sells solids and stripe prints.
  • Wrinkle resistance: Both brands use elasticized fitted sheets and quality materials that resist wrinkles well for bamboo sheets. But some customers find Cozy Earth’s blended fabric resists wrinkles slightly better.
  • Eco-friendly practices: As a Certified B-Corp, Ettitude has a strong focus on sustainability from their materials to manufacturing practices. Cozy Earth sources responsibly-harvested bamboo but has fewer sustainability certifications.
  • Company policies: Both brands offer 30 day return windows. Ettitude provides 5 year warranties while Cozy Earth extends to 10 years.

Ettitude Vs. Cozy Earth Sheets: Which Should You Choose?

For most shoppers, it comes down to priorities:

Choose Ettitude for:

  • Eco-friendly materials and manufacturing
  • Competitive pricing for luxury sheets
  • Sateen weave for added softness
  • Trendy colors and prints

Choose Cozy Earth for:

  • Ultra-luxurious blended fabric
  • Unmatched softness and durability
  • Extra breathability for hot sleepers
  • High-end hotel collection quality

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either of these top bamboo sheet brands. Ettitude and Cozy Earth both deliver exceptional comfort and quality sleep. For affordable luxury, Ettitude offers incredible value and sustainability.

But if you want the absolute softest, coolest, most durable sheets, Cozy Earth takes luxury to the next level. Whichever you choose, you’ll get to experience the very best bamboo sheet sets have to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What brand is similar to Cozy Earth?

Some top brands similar to Cozy Earth for ultra-luxury bamboo sheets include Brooklinen, Snowe, and Parachute. They use premium sustainable materials to create exceptionally soft, breathable sheets. However, none match the buttery softness and quality of Cozy Earth.

Why is Cozy Earth so expensive?

Cozy Earth sheets are more expensive than competitors for a few reasons:
1. They use a proprietary fabric blend of bamboo viscose and cotton that maximizes softness, breathability and durability. This unique fabric commands a premium.
2. Their sheets are handcrafted using expert tailoring for a luxury hotel feel.
3. As a premium brand, from materials to packaging, their products target the high-end market.
4. Their brand reputation for unmatched quality and their 10-year warranty justify higher prices.
Ultimately, customers report Cozy Earth sheets are worth the investment for unparalleled comfort that lasts years.

Does Oprah like Cozy Earth sheets?

Yes, Oprah is a big fan of Cozy Earth! She included the brand’s bamboo sheet sets as one of her Favorite Things for 2018 and again in 2021. Oprah loves the breathable comfort and called them “the softest EVER!” Her high-profile endorsements have introduced Cozy Earth to new customers.

What is the most luxurious bed sheet material?

For ultra-luxurious sheets, bamboo is considered by many to be the most indulgent material. High-quality bamboo sheets like Cozy Earth offer unmatched softness, breathability, durability, and luxury. Cotton, linen, silk, and tencel lyocell can also make luxurious sheets. But bamboo combines the best features of these materials for a decadently comfortable sleep experience.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to luxurious bamboo bed sheets, Ettitude and Cozy Earth represent the best of the best. Ettitude offers responsibly-made sheets at an accessible luxury price point. Cozy Earth delivers unmatched softness and quality with their proprietary bamboo blend.

While the price is higher, their sheets are an exceptional long-term investment in restful sleep. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either brand if you seek an indulgent, cooling and comfortable slumber.

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