eShield Radiant Barrier Reviews 2024: How Effective It Is?

Providing an eShield radiant barrier review is a demand of the time. Due to the global warming outbreak, air-conditioner may seem a practical solution but is quite expensive. And that’s where a product like eShield radiant barrier comes into action.

I installed an eShield radiant barrier into my house and got some astonishing results out of curiosity. So, I believe I can share my first-hand experience.

So read the whole article to learn about this piece of an invention.

eShield Radiant Barrier Features

As I mentioned in the intro, I have been using the eShield radiant barrier for quite some time. So, I think I can convey my experience with this product. At first, let’s explore which section the eShield radiant barrier has excelled in.

  • Industry-Standard Radiant Blocker
eShield radiant barrier

eShield radiant barrier blocks 93-97% radiant heat from the sun. This is the industry standard parameter of a radiant blocker. With that much defense, my house always remains excellent, even if a heatwave is flowing outside.

At first, my house used to be 35-40 degrees colder than outside. After two and a half years, it remains 30-35 degrees colder.

  • Energy and Money Saver

The primary purpose of a radiant blocker is to decrease the in-house temperature, right? With an air-conditioner, the same purpose is served but at the cost of the electricity.

My point is, why waste energy when there is a natural solution before us in the form of an eShield radiant blocker. Using an eShield radiant barrier is a one-time cost, and that’s while installing.

For air-conditioners, it’s both a waste of energy and money as well.

I had two air-conditioners in my last house. While moving to my new home, I went for a radiant blocker.

Now I am saving almost $80-$100 off monthly electricity costs.

Reports from a colony of North Carolina is that every house installed an eShield radiant blocker. After a month, a reported 5% energy saving was recorded.

  • Greenovation

There will be less need for a cooling system with a radiant blocker installed. And lesser lack will lead to lesser demand for electricity.

So, fewer trees will be cut, minimal air pollution and water will be free from radioactive contamination. Energy can be saved up to 30% with this eShield radiant blocker installed.

  • Amazing Post Purchase Service

eShield focuses on developing a good product and emphasizes on building a reliable relationship with the customers.

I didn’t face any problems till a year. My house didn’t remain as cold as it should be. So, I called the eShield help center. Within 24 hours, they sent two people to see up to my problem.

They came and fixed it without any cost. I gave them some tips, though, for their quick response.

eShield radiant barrier provides a lifetime warranty. They believe in their product, so they are not shy about delivering such a warranty.

  • Easy to Install

When we buy something new, we cannot wait for it to use. eShield radiant barrier is so easy to install that you won’t have to wait all day. eShield will send men to install the radiant barrier to your house.

It’s all about fitting to your attic. Ideally, it takes 1:30-2 hours to install.

But being an enthusiastic one, I decided to install them on my own. As the product doesn’t have any vulnerable components, I thought to give it a try. It took oddly 4 hours for my friends and me to install them.

  • Bird and Rodent Resistant

It’s totally justified to be worried about birds and rodents when the ceiling has an aluminum foil. You may feel the birds or the rodents would tear apart the aluminum foil. Don’t get terrified.

eShield radiant barrier is installed in the attic in a way that birds or rodents cannot touch them. So, rest assured of the safety of the eShield radiant barrier.

  • Standard Value of R

R-value denotes the resistance a material provides to flow heat through it. Generally, if the R-value is between 10-20, it is considered a perfect heat blocker.

eShield radiant blocker has an average R-value of 11.20. So, it falls into the standard value range.

How eShield Radiant Barrier could be Better?

Yes, there are some areas where the eShield radiant barrier could have provided more. Below I will explain those factors.

  • Less Expensive

Although eShield radiant barrier will save you 100 bucks monthly from electricity cost, it is pretty expensive compared to its competitors.

eShield radiant barrier is 5-30х more expensive than its competitor like Attic Foil.

  • Thicker Fibreglass

Fiberglass may not be the main hero in this heat-blocking act, but its importance cannot be neglected either.

Fiberglass does slow down the heat transfer process. Thicker glass will slow down the heat to an extent where the escaped heat won’t have an impact.

eShield radiant blocker has ¼ inch thicker fiberglass. If it is ⅓ inch thicker, the resultant effect would have been more comforting. Now, watch this video to truly understand this barrier.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Do radiant barriers really work?

Yes, radiant barriers do work. It blocks 93-97% radiant heat and reduces up to 40 degrees from the outside temperature.

Is radiant barrier OSB worth it?

Yes, radiant barrier OSB is worth every penny, especially in the summer. A reduction of 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature is much more comforting, right? And that’s too without any electrical charge.

How long do radiant barriers last?

On average, industry-standard radiant barriers like eShield, and Attic Foil lasts up to 80-100 years. But this lifespan wholly depends on how you are installing and maintaining it.

Does radiant barrier affect WiFi?

No, the radiant barrier doesn’t affect the WiFi at all.

Last Words

I tried to give eShield radiant barrier review from a neutral point of view. I drew a line between what it solves and what this lacks.

We live in a world where we can rarely think of a solution that is not a machine. eShield radiant barrier may not be a natural product, but it is a nature-saver.

If you have read with proper attention up to this mark, I believe you have decided whether to go for the eShield radiant barrier or not.

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