England Furniture Vs. Smith Brothers Furniture

When it comes to home furniture, England and Smith Brothers are two of the biggest names in the business. Both companies offer a wide selection of living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture to suit any style and budget.

But with so many options to choose from, it can be tough to decide which brand is right for you.

This article will compare and contrast England and Smith Brothers furniture, looking at the key features, pros and cons, and overall quality of each brand. A side-by-side comparison table is also included to help summarize the main differences.

Read on to learn more about these two furniture giants and determine which one deserves a place in your home.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureEngland FurnitureSmith Brothers Furniture
CustomizationLimitedWide range of options
Warranty1 yearLimited lifetime
ManufacturingNorth AmericaNorth America
ShippingWhite glove delivery availableWhite glove delivery available

Key Differences Between England And Smith Brothers Furniture

England Furniture Rouse 3-PC Sectional
England Furniture Rouse 3-PC Sectional
  • Price and Affordability

The most obvious difference between England and Smith Brothers furniture is the pricing. England falls squarely into the mid-range affordability category, costing approximately 30-50% less than premium brands.

Exact prices depend on size, configuration, and chosen upholstery, but you can expect to budget $600 to $1200 for England seating.

In contrast, Smith Brothers prices run 50-100% higher than England. A Smith Brothers sofa often costs anywhere from $1200 on the low end to over $3000 for some of their largest sectionals.

This puts the brand firmly in luxury territory. The substantial difference in price points makes England the more budget-friendly choice of the two.

  • Overall Quality and Construction

When it comes to quality and durability, Smith Brothers furniture again has the edge over the affordable England brand. Starting from the ground up, Smith Brothers uses kiln-dried hardwood and engineered woods for its sturdy American-made frames.

This ensures long-lasting stability and reduced cracking over years of use. England opts for less expensive plywood and other composite woods for the inner frame construction.

Smith Brothers Collection 5000 Sofa
Smith Brothers Collection 5000 Sofa

The cushioning foam density also impacts comfort and longevity.

England uses low to medium density polyurethane foams.

Smith Brothers upholsters its seating with luxuriously high density foams and down feathers for utmost plushness and support.

The spring coils inside many Smith Brothers pieces add to the stability and prevent sagging. These premium materials enable Smith Brothers furniture to maintain its shape and comfort for decades. England’s less hardy cushioning may show signs of wear sooner.

Beyond the inner construction, the outer details and finishes also reflect the quality differences between the two brands. England Furniture often opts for smooth rounded feet and simple rolled arms.

Their fabrics and upholstery materials lean more casual and affordable. Smith Brothers lavishes its furniture with ornate carved wood feet, regal nailhead trim detailing, and plush upholstery-grade textiles that convey luxury.

Overall, the workmanship and design details give Smith Brothers furniture a more elegant, upscale look compared to England’s simpler styling.

  • Selection and Customization Options
England Furniture
England Furniture

One area where Smith Brothers really outshines England is the breadth of its selection and customization offerings. As a smaller company focused just on upholstered seating, Smith Brothers dedicates its expertise solely to sofas, chairs, ottomans, and sectionals.

Their catalog spans over 500 customizable furniture options. Everything from the wood finish on the feet to the fabric, size, configuration, accent pillows, and more can be tailored to your tastes.

England Furniture offers around 50-100 furniture collections spanning living room, dining room, and bedroom sets. Customization is more limited, typically just choosing from 5-15 preset fabric options per furniture design.

While England has decent selection for a mid-range brand, furniture shoppers who want options galore will be more impressed by Smith Brothers.

  • Comfort and Ergonomics

A sofa’s comfort comes from both its cushions and its underlying support structure. When sitting on a Smith Brothers sofa or chair, the luxury is apparent from the initial touch.

The high-resiliency foam cushions topped with down provide a “sitting on a cloud” sensation you just sink into. Underneath, the durable wood frames flex minimally while still providing sturdy support.

For larger or heavier individuals, Smith Brothers’ Comfort Plus spring coil system gives unmatched support.

By comparison, England furniture lacks the plushness and responsiveness of Smith Brothers pieces. Though padded with low to medium density foam, the cushions don’t have the same pillowy softness.

The wood or composite wood frames offer suitable support but can feel more rigid or stiff. If comfort is your top priority, Smith Brothers is the hands-down winner. But those less concerned about plushness may find England adequate for their needs.

  • Warranties and Customer Service
Smith Brothers 8000 series Sectional
Smith Brothers 8000 series Sectional

When buying furniture built to last decades, an extensive warranty provides peace of mind.

Here Smith Brothers includes a lifetime warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.

So if cushions deflate or frames crack unexpectedly, they will repair or replace your furniture as needed.

England has a more limited 1 year warranty that only covers the original owner.

Both brands get high marks for customer service when ordering or fixing issues. They each offer personalized design assistance as well as white glove delivery and setup services.

For ongoing help, Smith Brothers’ lifetime coverage gives them them edge over England’s basic coverage. But during the initial purchase process, both brands aim to please.

  • Brand Reputation and Reviews

Given these two brands have been around for generations, they’ve each established solid reputations and loyal fans. In business since the 1800s, England Furniture has built up trust through widespread retail partnerships and delivering quality mid-priced furniture year after year.

Satisfied customers say their sofas hold up well and offer an attractive classic style at an affordable price point.

With a fiercely loyal customer base, Smith Brothers enjoys a stellar reputation for combining quality, comfort, selection, and service. Their premium American-made furniture keeps customers returning decade after decade.

Many reviewers say their Smith Brothers sofa or chair was one of the best investments they made for their home.

Both brands earn positive reviews and glowing recommendations. But Smith Brothers seems to inspire even greater devotion thanks to their emphasis on customizable luxury.

However, you’ll pay for that lavishness compared to England’s more understated appeal.

  • Styles and Design Aesthetic
England Furniture
England Furniture

England Furniture spots classic silhouettes and materials suitable for both traditional and contemporary home settings. Their sofa shapes typically have rounded rolled arms, simple block feet, and tailored skirted bases or kick pleats.

While not overly embellished, small details like contrast welt trim add visual interest. The overall England aesthetic caters to popular American design tastes focused on simplicity and comfort.

The Smith Brothers design vibe leans more heavily traditional though they offer transitional and even modern pieces as well.

Design features like carved bun feet, deep rolled arms, fringe accent pillows, and vintage-inspired upholstery prints give their collections an upscale yet comfortable look. For those loving luxury styling, few can match the elegance of Smith Brothers.

  • Performance and Durability

Well-made furniture should stand up to years of regular use without excessive creaking, sagging or other wear issues. Here again Smith Brothers outperforms England in expected longevity.

The kiln-dried hardwood frames on Smith Brothers sofas provide exceptional stability. Even heavier individuals won’t feel the frame flexing beneath them thanks to dual steel sinuous springs.

The high-density foam cushions maintain their shape and plushness. And by using rich upholstery grade fabrics, the upholstery resists pilling and fading.

England sofas also utilize hardwood framing but often with less expensive plywood reinforcements. The lower density foam cushions gradually flatten out and the upholstery shows fabric pilling more quickly.

While an England sofa still lasts 6-10 years for many households, Smith Brothers builds their seating to serve over 15 years even with regular use. Its superior construction really pays off long-term.

Which Brand Is Right For You?

England Furniture
England Furniture

Deciding between England or Smith Brothers furniture ultimately depends on your budget, style preferences, and desired features. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What style do I want: traditional, transitional, or modern?
  • What level of quality and longevity do I expect?
  • How customized do I want the fabrics, finishes and styling?
  • Does my budget allow for premium furniture or do I need a more affordable option?

If you’re furnishing your home on a budget but want durable mid-range seating in versatile styles, England is likely the better brand for you. Families looking for furniture capable of withstanding years of kids and pets may also opt for the more affordable England pieces.

For those wanting heirloom-quality upholstered furniture with plush comfort and customized details, Smith Brothers is definitely worth the premium investment. If you appreciate craftsmanship and have the budget to accommodate it, this brand delivers exceptional quality furniture built to last decades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What furniture is comparable to Smith Brothers?

Some furniture brands with quality and selection comparable to Smith Brothers include Hancock & Moore, Bernhardt, Century, and DMI. These tend to be smaller American luxury brands rather than big-box stores.

Is Smith Brothers furniture high quality?

Yes, Smith Brothers is widely considered a high-end luxury furniture brand. Their American-made frames use quality kiln-dried lumber and feature artisanal details like rolled arms, carved wood feet, and nailhead trim. The cushions use high density foam, down feathers, and quality textiles. Overall, expect your Smith Brothers furniture to last a lifetime.

Is England a good quality sofa?

England makes decent mid-range quality furniture, a step down from premium brands but a step up from budget options. Their sofas feature engineered wood frames, medium density foam cushions, and textile or leather upholstery. For the moderate price, England sofas offer good comfort and support lasting up to a decade with care.

Is England furniture made by Lazy Boy?

No, England furniture is its own company not affiliated with La-Z-Boy. However, the two brands occupy a similar mid-range price and quality tier. Many consumers cross-shop them when seeking affordable American-made furniture for living rooms, dens, and family rooms.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to choosing between England or Smith Brothers furniture, both offer quality American-made pieces that can look beautiful in your home for years to come. England provides classic styling and comfort at a more affordable mid-range price point.

For customized luxury with premium details, Smith Brothers is the clear choice though prices run 50% higher.

Carefully assess which brand best aligns with your budget, aesthetic tastes, and expectations for longevity, warranty coverage, and ease of purchase. For quality furniture tailored exactly to your lifestyle, either England or Smith Brothers can be an excellent choice.

Just be sure to comparison shop before investing in these upholstered seating pieces.

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