ELEGRP Vs. Leviton Wall Outlets With USB Ports

When setting up a modern home, more and more homeowners are looking to incorporate USB charging directly into their wall outlets. This eliminates the need for separate chargers while keeping rooms looking tidy.

Two popular options for upgraded electrical receptacles are the ELEGRP Duplex Outlet with Dual USB and the Leviton T5632-W Duplex Receptacle with Dual USB Type A Charger.

But which is the better choice for your needs? This comprehensive guide compares the key features and benefits of both to help you choose the right one.

Key Specifications Comparison

FeatureELEGRPLeviton T5632-W
USB Ports2 built-in2 built-in
USB OutputEach port 2.4A, 4.8A combinedEach port 2.0A, 3.6A combined
Electrical Receptacles2 AC outlets2 AC outlets
Dimensions4.5 x 2.75 x 1.38 in4.2 x 2.8 x 1.5 in
Wiring MethodHardwiredHardwired
Safety FeaturesSurge protection, short circuit protectionn/a
ExtrasNight lightTamper-resistant shutters
Warranty18 months1 year

Pros of ELEGRP Duplex Outlet

  • Faster charging
ELEGRP Wall Outlets With USB Ports
ELEGRP Wall Outlets With USB Ports

The ELEGRP outlet includes two USB-A ports, each capable of outputting 2.4 amps of power.

Together they can provide up to 4.8 amps for simultaneously charging two high-drain devices as fast as possible.

This quick charging speed tops what the Leviton outlet can supply.

  • Built-in night light

The ELEGRP receptacle features a handy LED night light that automatically illuminates when it gets dark.

This provides a glow for navigating the room at night safely without turning on brighter overhead lights that could disrupt sleep. The Leviton does not offer an integrated night light.

  • Surge and short circuit protection

In addition to USB ports, the ELEGRP outlet has built-in protection against spikes in voltage and electricity overload. This safeguards your expensive phones, tablets, and other electronics from getting fried if an electrical malfunction occurs.

By contrast, the Leviton outlet does not advertise any kind of surge or short circuit protection.

  • Less expensive

Though both USB wall outlets carry similar price tags, the ELEGRP model is generally several dollars cheaper than Leviton’s offering. Over time, those little cost savings per receptacle add up, especially if you need to install USB outlets throughout an entire home.

Cons of ELEGRP Duplex Outlet

  • No tamper-resistant shutters

Unlike Leviton’s electrical outlet, the ELEGRP’s AC receptacles do not have tamper-resistant shutter systems. This safety mechanism prevents kids from accidentally sticking items into the holes and getting shocked. So if you have small children, the Leviton may provide better protection.

  • Shorter warranty

ELEGRP provides an 18-month warranty on defects, which is decent but much less than the 25-year warranties of basic Leviton outlets without USB ports. Leviton covers manufacturing issues on the USB receptacle for 1 year, so ELEGRP’s warranty is longer in that regard but weaker overall.

  • Lacks brand recognition

While ELEGRP makes quality products, Leviton remains the better known and more established electrical brand. So some homeowners and electricians may inherently trust Leviton outlets more at first glance when making purchasing decisions.

Pros of Leviton T5632-W Duplex Receptacle

  • Tamper-resistant shutters
Leviton Wall Outlets With USB Ports

Parents will appreciate that Leviton’s receptacle comes with tamper-resistant shutters that prevent foreign objects from making contact with electricity and harming curious children.

The ELEGRP outlet lacks this safety mechanism.

  • More portable

At just 1.5 inches deep, Leviton’s slim design sticks out from the wall less than ELEGRP’s bulkier housing.

This provides more flexibility for furniture placement without blocking outlets. The smaller form factor also easily fits existing electrical boxes during upgrades or renovations.

  • Familiar Leviton branding

With over 110 years of experience manufacturing electrical components, Leviton established itself as a leader in outlet and switch technology. This familiar brand recognition provides peace of mind that you’re getting a high-quality, reliable product with good warranty support.

Cons of Leviton T5632-W Duplex Receptacle

  • Lower USB power output

While satisfactory for charging a single tablet or phone overnight, the Leviton’s maximum combined USB output of 3.6 amps pales in comparison to the ELEGRP’s 4.8 amp charging capacity. So Leviton’s outlet works less efficiently for simultaneously powering two high-drain devices at top speeds.

  • No built-in night light

Unlike the ELEGRP receptacle, Leviton’s USB wall outlet does not feature an integrated night light. If you want to subtly illuminate a hallway or bedroom without turning on overhead lighting, you’ll need to install a separate plug-in night light.

  • More expensive

Generally retailing for $5-10 higher than the ELEGRP, Leviton’s USB outlet carries a premium price tag. Those costs add up if installing these outlets throughout an entire home. But some homeowners may determine the extra spending worthwhile to get Leviton’s technology and trusted reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which receptacle is best?

For most homes, the ELEGRP Duplex Outlet with Dual USB comes out slightly ahead as the best overall option. It matches Leviton’s electrical outlet functionality and USB charging capacity at a lower cost while adding bonus features like faster charging speeds, a convenient night light, and power surge protection. Leviton still makes a quality product, but primarily riders on brand familiarity rather than performance.
That said, Leviton holds some key advantages too. Its tamper-resistant shutters provide necessary protection in households with young kids. And buyers simply seeking basic USB charging paired with a proven electrical brand will appreciate Leviton’s offering.
So determining the right product depends greatly on your priorities. Evaluate whether added charging speed, night light functionality, and surge protection matter more to you than familiar branding and tamper resistance to decide on the best outlet.

Which charges faster USB port or wall outlet?

Modern USB ports built into wall outlets can charge devices nearly or just as fast as a wall outlet itself. ELEGRP’s USB-A ports, for example, each provide 2.4 amps of output to charge phones and tablets at maximum speeds those devices can handle. And combining two USB ports effectively matches a wall outlet’s capacity.
However, a standard wall outlet must power devices through adapters that regulate electricity flow. This sometimes minimizes charging capabilities compared to connecting directly to a high-output USB port. The latest iPhone 14 Pro Max, for instance, can charge up to 27% faster through its USB-C cable than the standard iPhone power adapter plugged into an outlet.

Are outlets with USB worth it?

Absolutely – outlets with built-in USB ports provide substantial everyday value through convenience and visual appeal. Most importantly, USB receptacles eliminate the need for unattractive charger bricks cluttering counter space and filling outlets. They streamline charging phones, tablets, and other electronics directly via the outlet itself with no extra equipment.
They also maintain a modern, sleek look consistent with upgraded homes featuring the latest tech. Built-in ports keep charging cables neatly hidden instead of dangling messy wires and blocky adapters. Outlets with fast-charging USB inputs make perfect sense for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and anywhere people regularly need device charging.

Do USB outlets require special wiring?

Upgrading to USB outlets only requires simple wiring identical to installing any standard duplex receptacle. Inside the electrical box, you connect the outlet’s hot line to the black wire, neutral line to white wire, and ground to either the green wire or metal box itself using screws or push-in connectors. No specialty tools or electrical knowledge necessary!
Many USB outlets even include snap-on wall plate covers to replace your current switch plates for quick cosmetic upgrades. Some models like Leviton’s feature slim designs that fit comfortably in existing receptacle boxes too during renovations. As with any electrical work, exercise safety precautions by turning off home power at the breaker box before wiring.

Closing Remarks

Leviton Wall Outlets With USB Ports

When choosing between ELEGRP and Leviton’s USB wall outlets, either model makes an excellent selection over standard receptacles depending on your needs and priorities.

Homeowners wanting maximum power, fastest charging speeds, and bonus features will appreciate ELEGRP’s duplex outlet at an affordable price point.

And those seeking a slim form factor, kids safety, and the Leviton brand name backing may prefer paying a bit extra for their durable, attractive offering instead.

Evaluate your must-have list – like tamper resistance for families, more affordable cost, or built-in night light functionality – to decide on the best USB outlet for your household. Rest assured both ELEGRP and Leviton make quality, easy-to-install products to keep devices conveniently powered while reducing cord clutter.

With this guide’s detailed comparison, you can determine which upgraded receptacle works best to meet your home’s needs.

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