EcoShield Vs. Terminix For Pest Control: In-depth Differences

When it comes to protecting your home or business from pests, you’ll likely come across two big brand names: EcoShield and Terminix. But how exactly do these major pest control providers stack up? What sets them apart?

And ultimately, which one is the better choice for your needs?

To help you decide, we’ve put together this comprehensive comparison of EcoShield and Terminix services. We’ll explore what pests they treat, their treatment options and products, costs, guarantees, and more – including a handy side-by-side table so you can view the key differences at a glance.

Read on for the full breakdown!

At-a-Glance Comparison

Types of Pests TreatedOver 20 types including ants, spiders, roaches, mice, flies, fleas, and moreNearly 30 types including all of the above plus termites, bed bugs, mosquitos, wildlife, and more
Treatment Methods OfferedConventional chemical sprays and pesticidesChemical sprays and pesticides plus alternative “green” options
Product BrandsMultiple brands including Demand CS, Zenprox, Advance, and their own line of essential oil productsTheir own products only under the Terminix brand
Service Contracts Required?Optional 1-time treatments available but primarily require annual or quarterly service contractsSame
Average Initial Cost$500+ for initial treatment depending on size of home$300-$500 for initial treatment
Ongoing Service Costs$480+/year for quarterly treatments up to $1200+/year for monthly treatments$400-$1100 per year
satisfaction Guarantee?30-day “Love it or Leave it” money-back guaranteeYes, 100% with exceptions
Coverage Area40 statesAll 50 states

As you can see at a high level, Terminix pulls ahead when it comes to the variety of pests treated, natural and alternative treatment options, nationwide coverage, and satisfaction guarantees. However, EcoShield offers more flexibility for one-off treatments versus requiring a annual contract.

Key Takeaways

Terminix Pest Control

Choose EcoShield If You Want:

  • No required annual contracts: Pay only for treatments you need
  • Low-toxicity green options: Essential oil pest control sprays
  • Flexibility & affordability: Mix and match service intervals based on budget

Choose Terminix If You Require:

  • Nationwide reach: Physical branches in every state
  • Expert help with termites or wildlife: Unique remediation capabilities
  • Annoying pests eliminated for good: Reassuring 100% satisfaction guarantee

For most homeowners dealing with occasional ant or spider problems, either company will certainly get the job done right. But Terminix pulls ahead for whole-home protection against the widest variety of pests.

Their investment in industry-leading training, commercial-grade equipment, record for safety, and environmentally friendly process paired with the famous guarantee earns Terminix the title of most reliable exterminators coast to coast.

Next, let’s dive deeper into the details on each of these core factors – from specific treatment plans to contracts and guarantees.

Treating Pests: Types of Bugs and Vermin Controlled

One key difference between EcoShield and Terminix lies in the variety of household pests they are equipped to handle.

Pest Control from EcoShield

EcoShield offers protection against over 20 common pest types including:

Aptive Pest Control
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Carpet beetles
  • Clothes moths
  • Crickets
  • Centipedes
  • Millipedes
  • Earwigs
  • Pill bugs
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Flies
  • Mosquitos

So if you’re struggling with ant infestations, spider webs overtaking your home, mice scurrying in the attic, or any other issues on this list – EcoShield has got you covered with tailored removal solutions.

Exterminators from Terminix

As a national brand serving all states, Terminix unsurprisingly offers pest solutions for a more extensive list. In addition to everything handled by EcoShield, Terminix also treats:

  • Termites
  • Bed bugs
  • Wildlife like squirrels, raccoons, bats, opossums, skunks, and more
  • Occasional invaders like house crickets, ladybugs, stink bugs, etc.
  • Wood-destroying pests like carpenter ants and carpenter bees
  • And more niche pests like scorpions, lizards, and even snakes!

Their extensive training, commercial-grade equipment, and partnerships with wildlife removal experts allow them to handle over 30 types of common (and uncommon) pest problems.

So if you’re dealing with difficult infestations like termites or bed bugs, or critters that have made their way inside like raccoons or bats, Terminix is undoubtedly better equipped with the right solutions. EcoShield simply doesn’t specialize in remediating those types of issues.

Pest Prevention & Treatment Methods

Now that we’ve covered the types of pests treated, how exactly do these companies go about eliminating them from your home?

Both rely on traditional chemical pesticide sprays as their go-to treatment method. But Terminix sets itself apart by also offering “green” pest control alternatives.

EcoShield’s Signature Pest Control Process

For both initial and ongoing pest control, EcoShield techs rely primarily on spraying registered chemical solutions throughout your home. Their core treatment plan includes:

  • Thorough interior and exterior assessment to identify all pest access points and harborage sites
  • Targeted applications of Demand CS, Zenprox, Advance granules, and their other commercial-grade pesticide products
  • Follow-up applications every 3 months to maintain protection (required with annual contract)
  • Fumigation for termite infestations is outsourced to a partner

Their standard approach depends heavily on synthetic pesticide chemicals to both eliminate current invaders and leave behind residual effects. They do not advertise any alternative “green” or low-impact options.

Terminix’s Traditional & “Green” Pest Services

Similar to EcoShield, Terminix also offers conventional treatments with commercial-grade pesticide applications throughout a home. However they also provide alternative eco-friendly services to align with customer values:

Traditional Extermination

  • Interior and exterior inspection of all access points
  • Targeted spraying of pesticide solutions including their signature Termidor brand
  • Follow-up applications every 3 months (pay per application or annual contract)

”Green” Pest Control

  • Inspection and pest identification
  • Physical elimination tactics like traps, heat, vacuum extraction, etc.
  • Organic spray solutions with essential oils or plant derivatives
  • Strategic use of borate powder (low toxicity)
  • Follow ups to monitor and re-apply organic sprays

Terminix’s wide range gives you suitable options whether you want the strongest possible chemical solutions or more natural and non-toxic approaches. EcoShield does not cater service plans based on these kinds of consumer preferences.

Available Pest Control Products

Expanding on their treatment methods and pesticide sprays, what are the specific products used by each service?

EcoShield techs have access to commercial-grade solutions from big pesticide brands:

EcoShield Products

  • Demand CS
  • Zenprox
  • Advance Granules
  • Gentrol IGR
  • Their own line of plant-based essential oil sprays

Whereas Terminix relies more heavily on their own proprietary solutions:

Terminix Products

  • Termidor
  • Borid
  • Terminix Borate Wood Treatment
  • Optigard Ant Gel
  • Their own essential oil sprays

In addition, Terminix can utilize other commercial-grade sprays as needed for difficult cases:

  • Demand CS
  • Phantom
  • Suspend
  • Temprid

And for larger wildlife issues, they partner with removal experts who can safely trap critters and reinforce entry points to your home.

The main takeaway? Terminix offers their own branded products designed specifically for pest elimination – while EcoShield depends more on external pesticide solutions.

Contracts Required For Service?

Ecoshield Pest Control

Now how about service contracts? Do these companies require you to sign yearly or quarterly agreements? Or can you pay for one-off treatments as needed?

EcoShield is more flexible when it comes to locking you into a recurring contract.

No Long-Term Commitments with EcoShield

While EcoShield encourages customers to sign up for continuing quarterly services, you are not required to do so initially.

You can pay out of pocket for:

  • One-time pest control treatments
  • Monthly applications
  • Quarterly protection
  • Annual protection

Giving you more control over the frequency of treatments – rather than being stuck in a long contract.

Of course, you receive the best rates for annual packages. But EcoShield allows you to test out their services without lengthy commitments upfront.

Terminix Requries Year-Long Contracts

Unlike EcoShield, Terminix does require customers to sign minimum one year contracts at the start:

  • Pay per one-time application
  • Quarterly protection
  • Annual protection

The only way to gain ongoing service is via a four-season annual agreement.

So while this ensures year-long coverage for serious pest issues, it also reduces flexibility for the consumer. EcoShield empowers you to choose your ideal service length.

Service Pricing: Cost Considerations

Okay, let’s talk numbers! How much do EcoShield and Terminix actually charge for all these pest control services?

As nationwide chains with local franchises, pricing can vary drastically based on your region. However these ranges give a reasonable expectation:

EcoShield Costs

Initial Inspection & Treatment: $500+

  • Varies based on square footage

One-Time Treatments: $100-$250

  • Per individual application

Quarterly Protection: $480+ per year

  • Around $120 per treatment

Annual Protection: $600-$1200+ per year

  • Depending on home size, severity of infestation

Terminix Pricing:

Initial Inspection & Treatment: $300-$500

One-Time Treatments: $100-$350

Quarterly Protection: $400+ per year

Annual Protection: $450-$1100+ per year

The overall investment is quite aligned – perhaps Terminix pricing starts a little lower thanks to their enormous national buying power.

But both offer affordable plans for ongoing coverage, not deviating too widely from industry averages. One difference is EcoShield’s flexibility to pay per one-off application without annual commitments.

Satisfaction Guarantee Policies

Terminix Pest Control

Will these leading pest control chains stand behind their services if issues come up?

EcoShield and Terminix do both offer consumer guarantees. However, they differ substantially in coverage.

EcoShield 30-Day Guarantee

For new customers wary about trying out a pest control provider, EcoShield eases minds through their “Love it or Leave it Guarantee”.

If you are not fully satisfied with your initial treatment, they will offer:

  • A full refund of services
  • Or an additional retreat for free

Coverage: 30 days after your first service

So you can reliably test out EcoShield knowing your investment is protected – at least for the first month.

Terminix 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Terminix of course offers their famous “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” as well long beloved by consumers.

Their promise ensures:

  • Refunds on services if any pests return during your contract term
  • Free follow-up treatments as needed
  • Out of pocket coverage for damages or other control services if pests return

They stand so firmly behind pest elimination results that they literally pay you if issues persist while under contract.

The only exceptions are cases of obvious negligence like refusing service techs access or intentionally introducing pests. Otherwise, your service is fully guaranteed as described.

Coverage: Full contract term (typically one year)

So while EcoShield protects your initial payment, Terminix provides assurance throughout ongoing services that pests will be eliminated for good.

Service Regions & Availability

Operating as national chains, EcoShield and Terminix have broad service areas – but they differ in scale.

Where EcoShield Operates

EcoShield services are accessible through independently owned franchises in about 40 states so far. Since the brand continues expanding, be sure to check if they’ve opened a local branch in your state.

Terminix Covers All States

As the largest pest control provider worldwide, Terminix serves all 50 US states from over 300 locations staffed by their trained technicians.

So no matter where you’re located beyond just the contiguous states, you can rely on the support of local Terminix teams for residential and commercial services. EcoShield simply has not reached the same nationwide scale.

FAQ: Common Questions About EcoShield & Terminix

For further guidance choosing between EcoShield and Terminix, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is the best pest control brand?

Overall most industry experts and consumer surveys agree Terminix stands out as the most reputable national pest control brand thanks to their extreme thoroughness eliminating pests long-term, high satisfaction guarantee, variety of eco-friendly “green” treatment options, and reach serving local communities across all 50 states.

Who are EcoShield pest control competitors?

EcoShield competes with other leading pest control chains like Terminix, Orkin, Arrow Exterminators, and local or regional brands. Their flexible contracts and essential oil solutions stand out as competitive advantages catering to consumer preferences.

What does EcoShield spray?

EcoShield technicians use commercial-grade pesticide solutions like Demand CS, Zenprox, and Advance Granules combined with their own plant-based, essential oil pest control products. They do not advertise options for low-toxicity or “green” treatments.

Can I cancel EcoShield?

Yes, you can cancel EcoShield anytime without penalty since they do not require binding annual contracts like some competitors. Their quarterly, monthly, and one-time services offer flexibility if you want to pause or resume service as needed.

The Last Word

When weighing EcoShield against industry giant Terminix, the core difference lies in flexibility compared to expertise.

EcoShield allows you to pay-as-you go and even stop recurring services anytime as a smaller, growth-focused provider. Their essential oil options complement conventional chemical treatments for an eco-conscious approach.

Meanwhile, Terminix holds over 95 years of experience tackling America’s most extreme infestations across every state. Their satisfaction guarantee and specialized capabilities handling termites, bedbugs, and wildlife make them the go-to choice if you want guaranteed elimination of all pests year after year.

So choosing comes down to your specific requirements. For locally available, affordable, commitment-free service, EcoShield gets the win. If you demand successfully eradication and protection against persistent, pernicious pests no matter what, then Terminix remains the leader to trust.

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