Dyson PH01 Vs. PH03 Air Purifier (2023): In-depth Differences

Dyson is a famous brand that manufactures and sells world-class air purifiers and filters. Recently, they have replaced the PH01 air purifier with PH03, which looks more with features, better craftsmanship, and finishing.

The main difference between the PH01 air purifier and the PH03 air purifier is that the former is cheaper, and the latter is expensive. PH03 has gained more ratings and reviews than PH01.

Besides, you can easily buy the PH03 humidifier or air cooler from various stores, but PH01 is no longer available in those stores like amazon, best buy, etc. But we’ll enlist all the differences between these two in this guide.

A Brief Comparison Table

Features To CompareDyson PH01Air PurifierDyson PH03 Air Purifier
HEPA Rating of FilterSimple HEPA FilterHEPA H13 Rated Filter
Pricing DifferencesCheaperExpensive
Coverage Area400 Sq Feet113 Sq Feet
CADR RatingAchieved till 94.7Not Specified
Customer Rating3.94.0
Air Purifier TypeTowerTower
Water Tank Lid ChangingPoor CraftsmanshipBetter Rubber Seal and warning labels
Smart FeaturesYes, includes like App Control, Alexa control, Google Assistant and timer, etc.Yes, includes like App Control, Alexa control, Google Assistant and timer, etc.
Packaging and filter installationUsed to install filters when it comes to your homeThe filter is pre-installed with this air purifier
Pollutant SensorBuilt on the front side of the filterBuilt on the backside of the filter

Key Differences Between Dyson PH01 And PH03 Air Purifiers

  • HEPA Rating of Filter
Dyson PH01 Air Purifier
Dyson PH01 Air Purifier

HEPA Stands for High-Efficiency particulate air.

It’s a rating given to the filters used for purifying the air in various purifiers.

When it comes to differentiating Dyson PH01 and PH03 air purifiers, both have different HEPA ratings.

With the PH01, they just wrote the HEPA filter but didn’t specify whether it is rated H12 or H13 or more.

But that confusion is cleared with the new addition of the Dyson air purifier. In PH03, they stated the filter with an H13 rating.

Such a filter keeps up the capacity of clearing up to 99.99% of pollutants from the air. The official HEPA analysts give this rating to ensure whether the filter meets the air purifying desires or a customer would just lose money.

Of course, PH03 is a better, more robust, and more reliable version of air purifiers from Dyson with more features than PH01.

  • Pricing Differences

After the launch of PH03, you can see the considerable difference between the prices of these two air purifiers. PH01 costs less than PH03.

And that’s true because the company would charge more for this product as it’s new in the market and enlisted as a better version of the previous PH01 air cleaner or humidifier.

  • Coverage Area

According to the company’s details, the PH01 covers up to 400 sq feet of a house. At the same time, the PH03 seems to cover less area with just 113 Sq. Feet. But it’s still a good option.

Or it might be the strategy of Dyson to bring this filter specifying less area coverage so that more should be covered with other models like PH07 and other heavy-duty air cleaners from Dyson.

But I think it’s still good when you need to install the PH03 in a room or your office.

  • CADR Rating

CADR stands for clean air delivery rate a humidifier or air cleaner can achieve with its built-in features.

For this, the CADR rating achieved with the PH01 is 94.7. But with the newly launched PH03 humidifier, the official CADR rating is not yet confirmed.

You must Stay up to date with the product, and you’ll know in the future. Yet, it’s an excellent cleaner because the HEPA H13 filter provides better cleaning of your house or office air.

You can also install these filters at restaurants, public places, or more.

  • Customer Rating

At stores like Best Buy and Amazon, I’ve seen a lot of complaints people make about the PH01 humidifier or air cooler and purifier.

That’s why it is rated up to 3.9 stars at Best Buy, and there are no reviews when you look for the product on amazon.

Even on the official Dyson website, the product has fewer reviews and ratings as compared to the PH03 air purifier. It means you can trust more on PH03 than a pre-existing and made PH01 air purifier.

  • Air Purifier Type

That’s the similarity one can find between both purifiers. They are made in a Tower shape and have the same look. No one is bigger than another. So, you’ll find this feature similar in both humidifiers.

  • Water Tank Lid Changing
Dyson PH03 Air Purifier

Multiple buyers were unhappy with manufacturing the water tank lid when they needed to change the water.

They have seen leaking issues.

But that problem is fixed with the new PH03 air purifier.

Dyson has installed a water tank lid with a better rubber seal in PH03.

In addition, the Dyson PH03 has warning labels making a user understand to prevent water damage.

That was not present with the PH01 air purifier.

  • Smart Features

The intelligent features in both air purifiers are also similar. Both can be operated with a Mobile app, a Remote Control, Alexa and Google Assistant.

So, you can choose the most accessible mode of operating these cleaners you want to choose.

  • Packaging and filter installation

Many customers had claimed that they used to install the filter afterward when they had purchased the PH01.

But that problem has also been solved now with the PH03 purifier. The filter is installed in the air purifier, so you don’t need to go for the afterward hassles.

  • Pollutant Sensor

Another change that can be seen with the PH03 air purifier is the pollutants have been moved to the back right side of the unit.

Besides, it also includes the chemistry of various pollutants that the air purifier can detect in the air. The user now has a better understanding of the things he is dealing with.

Which One Should I Choose Between The Tow Dyson Air Purifiers?

If you’d opt for the PH01 air purifier to buy in a new condition, you might not find it on the internet. Various stores are not offering the product.

But what is the purpose of buying PH01 anyway when you have the more upgraded and better PH03 air purifier?

You might spend a little more money to get this cleaner. Yet, it will be worth the investment with all the features, ratings, air purity, and more.

So, I would love to recommend you go with the Dyson PH03 air purifier when you have to choose between these two. Otherwise, you can also consider the more upgraded cleaners from Dyson.

Wrapping Up

I believe the comparison between Dyson PH01 and PH03 air purifiers done in this write-up will cover all of your questions. Indeed, PH03 came after PH01, so it’s a better and more worthwhile air purifier.

The HEPA H13 filter cleans your air like PH01 never did.

But if none of these purifiers inspire you, you might want to take a look at HP09, HP07, and other giant models. As your costs increase, the cleaner from Dyson will keep coming with more features and blessings.

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