COREtec Encore Cleaner Vs. Bona Cleaner For Vinyl Plank Floors

Vinyl plank flooring like COREtec and other luxury vinyl tiles are durable, easy to maintain alternatives to hardwood floors. But keeping them looking their best requires regular cleaning with the right products.

Two popular options are COREtec Encore cleaner and Bona cleaners. But which is the better choice for your vinyl plank floors?

We’ll compare the key factors to consider when choosing between these two vinyl floor cleaners. Read on for an in-depth look at how COREtec Encore and Bona cleaning systems stack up.

A Brief Comparison Table

FactorCOREtec Encore CleanerBona Vinyl Floor Cleaners
Intended UseSpecifically for COREtec floorsAll types of vinyl flooring
AvailabilityOnly from COREtecWidely available in stores
Cleaning PowerRemoves dirt, safe for finishEffectively cleans vinyl floors
Residue RemovalLow foam, rinses cleanPlant-based, no residue
OdorLight fresh scentNo harsh chemical smell
StreakingDoesn’t streakDoesn’t streak
SafetyNon-toxic but some skin irritationPlant-based, GREENGUARD Gold
AccessoriesWorks with COREtec padsWorks with Bona pads

Overview of COREtec Encore Cleaner

COREtec Encore cleaner is specifically designed by COREtec for use on their brand of vinyl plank floors. This cleaner comes as part of their recommended maintenance system for COREtec floors.

Some of the key features of COREtec Encore vinyl plank floor cleaner include:

COREtec Encore Cleaner
  • Specifically formulated for COREtec floors: The Encore cleaner is made to complement COREtec’s vinyl plank flooring and keep them looking their best. It’s pH balanced for COREtec floors.
  • Contains acrylic finish restorer: The cleaner helps restore the acrylic finish on COREtec vinyl tiles. This keeps floors looking like new for longer.
  • Low foam formula: Encore cleaner won’t leave behind sticky soap residue that can attract dirt. Rinsing is fast and easy.
  • Concentrated formula: A little bit of cleaner goes a long way, making the 32 oz bottle last through many cleanings.
  • Fresh, clean scent: The Encore cleaner leaves behind a light, fresh fragrance after cleaning.

COREtec recommends pairing the Encore cleaner with their microfiber mop pads and floor finish restorer as part of their floor care system.

Overview of Bona Cleaners For Vinyl Floors

Bona is a widely available brand that makes a range of floor cleaning and care products for different types of hard surface floors.

For vinyl plank flooring, Bona offers a few different daily cleaner options:

  • Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner: This all-purpose cleaner can be used for vinyl, laminate, and other hard surface floors.
  • Bona Pro Series Vinyl, Tile & Laminate Cleaner: A cleaning product designed specifically for luxury vinyl floors and tiles.
  • Bona Pro Series Luxury Vinyl Cleaner: Formulated for luxury vinyl plank floors.

Some benefits of Bona’s vinyl floor cleaners include:

  • Versatile cleaning options: Bona offers vinyl cleaners suited for routine maintenance or deeper cleaning.
  • For all vinyl floors: Can be safely used on different vinyl floor brands, not just COREtec.
  • Contains conditioners: Helps keep vinyl floors looking new by replenishing the finish.
  • Widely available: Sold at most home improvement stores and flooring retailers.
  • Cleaner concentrates: Can dilute concentrate for lighter cleaning or use full-strength for deeper cleaning.
  • Compatible pads and mops: Bona offers their own microfiber cleaning pads, mops, and solutions designed to work together.

Key Differences Between COREtec Encore Cleaner And Bona Cleaner

Now that we’ve covered the basics of each brand’s vinyl plank floor cleaners, let’s compare some key factors to help choose between COREtec Encore vs Bona.

  • Cleaning Effectiveness

The most important factor in choosing a vinyl plank floor cleaner is how well it cleans.

Both Encore and Bona cleaners are formulated to clean luxury vinyl floors without damaging the finish.

COREtec Encore cleaner is specially designed for COREtec floors.

It contains an acrylic finish restorer to help keep the factory-applied finish looking like new. The low-foam formula rinses cleanly.

Bona cleaners are effective on all types of vinyl floors.

The Stone, Tile & Laminate cleaner can be used for routine mopping. For a deeper clean, the Pro Series Luxury Vinyl Cleaner lifts up dirt, scuffs, and footprints without dulling the finish.

User reviews indicate both COREtec Encore and Bona cleaners are effective choices for keeping vinyl plank floors clean. Both brands avoid soap buildup problems that can attract dirt.

So in terms of daily cleaning power, it’s a draw between the two options. For COREtec floors specifically, the Encore cleaner may have a slight edge since it’s made for their finish.

  • Safety for Floor Finish

An important factor is choosing cleaners that won’t degrade the special UV-cured urethane finish on vinyl plank flooring over time. Harsh chemicals can slowly break down the finish, causing floors to look dull.

COREtec Encore cleaner is pH balanced specifically for COREtec luxury vinyl floors. It actually contains acrylic polymers that help restore the factory-applied finish.

Bona vinyl floor cleaners are designed to be non-toxic and safe for all types of vinyl floor finishes. The Pro Series Luxury Vinyl Cleaner includes polymers to replenish the floor’s finish.

Independent testing has found both COREtec and Bona cleaners to be safe choices that won’t negatively impact vinyl plank flooring finishes. Avoid generic cleaners which can contain abrasives, alkalis, or solvents that damage floors.

  • Ease of Use

An easy-to-use floor cleaner means cleaning vinyl plank floors requires less effort and stays on schedule.

COREtec Encore cleaner features a light, fresh scent and rinses cleanly without heavy residue. It can be applied with a damp mop and allowed to air dry. The concentrated formula means you use less product per cleaning.

Bona cleaners are simple to use on vinyl floors. For routine cleaning, just add 2capfuls of Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner per gallon of water and mop floors. The Vertex and OxyPower options provide extra cleaning power for times when floors need a deeper clean.

Both brands avoid soapy buildup issues that make floors sticky. Overall, COREtec Encore and Bona cleaners are comparable in terms of convenient, hassle-free use.

  • Cost and Availability

The convenience and cost of being able to easily purchase your chosen vinyl floor cleaner are practical considerations.

COREtec Encore Cleaner is sold exclusively through COREtec dealers or their website. Since it’s a specialty product just for COREtec floors, availability is limited compared to mass market options.

The 32oz bottle typically costs $15-20. You’ll need to factor in shipping costs if purchasing online. Buying direct from COREtec qualifies for free shipping.

Bona cleaners are widely available at most home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. You can also find them at flooring retailers. The convenient availability makes it easy to keep your cleaner stocked up.

Bona 32oz bottles cost $8-12 on average. The Pro Series cleaners designed for vinyl are at the higher end. Volumes like gallons may offer even better value for money.

For shoppers wanting a convenient, cost-effective vinyl floor cleaner, Bona products have a clear availability and price advantage over the COREtec Encore cleaner.

  • Odor

Cleaning solutions with strong chemical odors can be unpleasant to use and linger in your home.

COREtec Encore cleaner has a light, fresh scent. Users say any smell dissipates quickly after cleaning.

Bona cleaners use a plant-based formula with little to no odor. Any mild smell won’t linger in your home.

Both vinyl floor cleaners contain very low VOCs and avoid strong chemical odors you might get from some generic cleaners. This makes cleaning day easier on your nose!

  • Residue Buildup

Vinyl floors look their worst when floor cleaner residue accumulates, causing sticky or cloudy buildup.

COREtec Encore cleaner is specially formulated to avoid residue. The low-foam wash rinses cleanly and leaves floors shine-free.

Bona cleaners also rinse cleanly without heavy, sticky residue. Floors are left shine-free and don’t attract dirt.

Testimonials from users of both brands confirm the cleaners avoid problematic soap scum and buildup on floors.

  • Floor Finish Buildup

Besides residue from cleaners, regular mopping can also cause a waxy buildup of floor finish over time. This causes vinyl floors to look hazy and dull.

COREtec’s system includes their Squeaky floor finisher as part of the recommended maintenance routine. This product removes dull buildup of old floor finish, bringing back a like-new shine.

Bona offers their Pro Series LVT Polish Remover to combat dull vinyl floor surfaces caused by finish buildup. Periodically cleaning with this remover brings floors back to a clean, vibrant look.

As long as you incorporate finish removing treatments from either brand periodically, wax buildup won’t be a problem.

  • Sheen Level

Certain floor cleaners and residues can leave behind a shiny film, while others leave floors with a clean, matte finish.

COREtec Encore cleaner leaves floors with a natural, matte sheen after cleaning. No shiny film buildup.

Bona cleaners also avoid leaving a shiny residue. Your floors are left with a clean, matte finish, not a glossy plastic-looking shine.

Users of both vinyl floor cleaner brands report being happy with the matte, natural-looking sheen of floors after cleaning. No complaints of shiny buildup or haze.

  • Streaking
COREtec Encore Cleaner

Streaky, uneven floors are another undesirable cleaning outcome.

Ideally, your vinyl plank floors should dry with a uniform appearance.

COREtec Encore cleaner rinses cleanly and evenly with no reports of streaking.

Fast drying time helps prevent streaks.

Bona cleaners are formulated to avoid streaks as vinyl floors dry after mopping.

The plant-based formula ensures even drying.

When used according to directions, neither cleaner seems prone to leaving behind streaks or watermarks on vinyl plank floors.

  • Skin and Environmental Friendliness

Many consumers have concerns over cleaners containing harsh chemicals and the impact on indoor air quality. Choosing an environmentally friendly vinyl floor cleaner can give peace of mind.

COREtec advertises their Encore cleaner as non-toxic and green certified. However, some user reviews complain of skin irritation when cleaning.

Bona cleaners use plant-derived ingredients and are GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality. Natural ingredients result in low allergy risk. Most users don’t report skin sensitivity.

While both brands claim greenness, Bona cleaners appear to be a safer choice for users concerned about breathing in or touching cleaning chemicals. COREtec Encore cleaner seems more prone to cause skin irritation in some users.

  • Ease of Rinsing

Cleaners that resist rinsing lead to soap scum buildup and floors that attract dirt faster. Easy rinsability is key for clean vinyl plank flooring.

COREtec Encore cleaner features a low-foam formula that doesn’t leave soapy residue behind. The acrylic polymers dissipate, so rinsing is fast.

Bona cleaners are highly rinseable. Plant-based ingredients avoid residue. The floors are left clean without requiring extensive rinsing.

Both vinyl floor cleaner brands offer easy, complete rinsing without soap scum problems. Thorough rinsing is important regardless to get floors 100% residue-free.

  • Mop Pads

Using the right mop and pads makes a difference in getting floors clean while avoiding swirl marks and scratches.

COREtec’s recommended system includes their Encore washable microfiber pad. The dense, fine fibers pick up dirt without scuffing.

Bona offers their Pro Series microfiber mop pads. The triangular shape fits in corners. They also sell scrubby sponge mops for extra cleaning power.

Both brands have pad options designed to work with their vinyl floor cleaners and mops. Having a system of products that work together makes cleaning easier.

  • Odor Removal Ability

Vinyl floors can absorb odors like pet messes and leave lingering smells. A good cleaner neutralizes odors for fresher indoor air.

COREtec Encore cleaner uses a fresh, clean scent to counteract smells when mopping. But enzyme-based odor removal isn’t a marketed feature.

Bona’s Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner uses enzymes to digest and remove odors naturally. No heavy perfumes just to mask smells temporarily.

For pet owners and odor issues, Bona seems better equipped to neutralize stubborn vinyl floor odors at the source compared to traditional cleaners like COREtec. Enzymes eliminate odors for good.

  • Floor Streaking/Hazing Removal

Sometimes vinyl floors develop hazy streaks and dull spots in high traffic areas that require special cleaners to remove.

COREtec’s Squeaky residue remover is designed to combat this problem and remove clouding, haziness, and discoloration from vinyl floors.

Bona offers their Deep Clean Solution for extra cleaning power to remove dull residue buildup and restore clarity to vinyl floors.

To keep vinyl plank floors looking their best, both companies offer heavy duty cleaners that remove stubborn streaks and residue when needed.

  • Ease of Use With Pets

Pet accidents and muddy paws are a fact of life for vinyl flooring in homes with furry friends.

A good pet-friendly cleaner is essential.

COREtec doesn’t specifically market their Encore formula as a pet cleaner.

It contains some natural enzyme cleaners but not at higher concentrations needed for pet messes.

Bona Pet System cleaner has powerful enzyme action to remove stains and odors from pet mishaps. Safe for floors but tough on pet messes.

For vinyl flooring owners with pets, Bona offers better enzyme cleaners designed for removing pet smells and stains. COREtec cleaner falls short for targeted pet use.

  • Floor Protection Against Dents and Scratches

Cleaning is one way to keep floors looking new, but choosing durable vinyl planks is important too.

COREtec One flooring features a cork underlayment attached to each plank. This provides comfort, sound reduction, and protects against subfloor imperfections and furniture dents.

Bona doesn’t manufacture vinyl flooring, only cleaners. But their cleaners are safe for floors from all brands, including those with attached underlayment like COREtec.

While floor construction affects dent resistance more than cleaners, COREtec’s attached underlayment does provide an advantage over floating click vinyl planks without underlayment.

  • Ease of Use on Different Surfaces

Some vinyl floor cleaners can only be used on floors, while others are versatile for different surfaces.

COREtec Encore cleaner can only be used on COREtec brand luxury vinyl floors. It should NOT be used on tile, laminate, or other floor types.

Bona cleaners can not only be used on all types of vinyl floors, but also laminate, hardwood, tile, and stone. This allows cleaning multiple surfaces with one product.

For shoppers wanting a versatile, multi-surface floor cleaner, Bona is the better choice. COREtec Encore cleaner is floor-specific.

  • Floor Stain Removal Ability

Life happens – vinyl floors get stained by spills, food messes, mud, and more. A good cleaner can erase many common stains.

COREtec Encore cleaner doesn’t have any specialized stain-fighting ingredients or claims about removing set-in stains. More for routine cleaning.

Bona PowerPlus Antibacterial cleaner uses hydrogen peroxide to lift typical vinyl floor stains like coffee, juice, grease, etc. Gets floors cleaner than regular mopping.

While neither fully removes the toughest stains, Bona’s PowerPlus cleaner offers better stain fighting ability for vinyl floors than standard COREtec Encore.

  • Floor Scratch Repair Ability

No matter how careful you are, vinyl plank floors can eventually get scratched and scuffed in high traffic areas. Fixing scratches keeps floors looking new.

COREtec doesn’t offer any products designed to fix scratches in vinyl plank flooring. You’ll need to find a separate solution.

Bona Repair Kit for Luxury Vinyl fills in and disguises shallow scratches in vinyl floors. Blend with touch up pens. Improves floor appearance.

Bona provides a complete system including touch up products for repairing minor vinyl plank floor scratches that occur over time. COREtec lacks scratch repair products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use Bona cleaner on COREtec flooring?

Yes, Bona vinyl floor cleaners are safe to use on COREtec floors. In fact, many COREtec owners use and recommend Bona cleaners for routine maintenance. Just avoid alcohol-based cleaners that can dull the finish.

What cleaning products can be used on COREtec flooring?

COREtec’s own Encore Cleaner is specially formulated for their floors. But you can also safely use Bona’s line of vinyl floor cleaners on COREtec planks. Avoid homemade cleaners and harsh chemicals not made for luxury vinyl.

Is Bona safe for luxury vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, Bona floor cleaners are designed to be safe for all types of luxury vinyl plank flooring from top brands like COREtec, LifeProof, Smartcore, etc. Bona products clean vinyl floors without damaging the durable finish.

What is the best cleaning system for vinyl plank flooring?

For a complete floor care system, experts recommend pairing Bona cleaners with their microfiber pads and mops designed to avoid swirl marks during cleaning. COREtec’s Encore cleaner and microfiber pads are another good system tailored for their floors.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing between COREtec Encore cleaner and Bona cleaners for luxury vinyl plank floors, both are good options that will safely deep clean without damaging floors.

COREtec Encore cleaner offers a specialized formula tailored for their brand’s finish. Paired with their microfiber pads, it provides a customized maintenance system. But the cleaner is only available directly from COREtec.

Bona cleaners are more widely accessible and cost effective. Their plant-based cleaners can be used on all types of vinyl floors, not just COREtec. The Pro Series line provides heavy duty cleaning ability when needed.

Ultimately, the right choice comes down to your specific needs and preferences. Homeowners with COREtec floors may opt for the specialization of their Encore cleaner. But Bona offers greater availability and versatility to clean different vinyl floor brands.

If you want a cleaning product designed just for COREtec flooring, their Encore cleaner is a good option. But for a versatile cleaner that can be used on all types of luxury vinyl plank flooring, Bona is an excellent choice.

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