Closet World Vs. Closet Factory: In-depth Differences

When it comes to customized closet organization systems, Closet World and Closet Factory are two of the biggest names in the industry. Both companies offer a wide selection of storage solutions to help maximize your closet space, but they differ in their specific product lines and services.

This article provides an in-depth comparison of Closet World vs. Closet Factory covering everything from types of materials used, to style options and prices.

Now that we’ve covered the pros and cons for Closet World and Closet Factory separately, the next section provides a side-by-side head-to-head comparison of the two providers.

A Brief Comparison Table

When evaluating Closet World against Closet Factory, there are several key dimensions homeowners need to analyze that underlie which provider is optimal.

FactorCloset WorldCloset Factory
Years in Business40 Years25 Years
Number of Locations50+185+
Average Lead Time4-6 Weeks3-4 Weeks
Typical Pricing$2,000 – $7,000+$1,200 – $3,500+
Materials UsedWood, laminate, metalThermally fused melamine
Style SelectionWide rangeFocused offering
Customization ExtentHighly flexibleMid-level flexibility
Installation IncludedYesYes
Warranty1 YearLifetime
Sales FrequencyRoutinely 25% OffRoutinely 20% Off

Analyzing this head-to-head comparison provides greater clarity about the divergent competencies of Closet World and Closet Factory. The core trade-off looks to be around customization needs vs the desire for affordability and speed.

Overview of Closet World

Closet World

In business for over 40 years since its founding in 1983, Closet World has established itself as one of America’s premium closet storage solutions selling both reach-in and walk-in customized closets.

As a subsidiary of industry titan California Closets, Closet World leverages the worldwide manufacturing capacity and supply chain of this established leader in the space giving it muscular vertical integration.

Beyond the clout the California Closets brand provides, additional core details Homeowners should know when considering Closet World include:

  • Number of Locations – 50+ regional locations in the US to provide consultations
  • Product Offerings – Reach-in closets, walk-in closets, garage storage, wardrobes, laundry rooms and more
  • Design Services – free at home consultations with 3D digital layout renderings provided
  • Production & Installation – Products made in proprietary factories with full-service installation
  • Average Costs – Higher pricing ranging from $2,000 on the low-end to $7,000+ for expansive storage projects
  • Sales Cycles – Routine sales offered that range from 15% to 25% off

A core part of Closet World’s value proposition is the precision of their storage designs achieved by having consultants create digital layout proposals at your home using tablets before finalizing orders.

This aims to have their systems perfectly calibrated to an owner’s hanging capacities, drawer needs, shoe storage wants and other requirements unique to one’s closet. They then build and install based on these plans.

The trade-off for this level of personalization is longer 4-6 week production timelines and higher prices driven by made-to-order processes and premium materials.

Overview of Closet Factory

Operating since 1996 primarily in the United States and parts of Canada, Closet Factory differentiates itself in the storage solutions scene by its quicker installation timelines derived from utilizing modular closet components across its various product lines. Additional info about Closet Factory:

Closet Factory
  • Number of Locations – 185+ closet showrooms located across the US and certain provinces of Canada
  • Product Offerings – Reach-in closets, walk-in closets, nurseries, garage storage and closet accessories
  • Design Services – free at home storage consultation with manual measurements taken but no final rendering
  • Production & Installation – rapid assembly from in-stock modular components with installation included
  • Average Costs – value-based pricing between $1,200 to $3,500+ per closet project
  • Sales Cycles – routine sales every 2-3 months offering 20% all orders

Rather than custom building all parts like Closet World, Closet Factory leverages standard component sizes across their product line to facilitate faster assembly while still allowing reasonable customization through intelligent configuration.

Homeowners can choose from various organizational elements like shelves, drawers, rods and more during a free consultation guided by one of their closet professionals. Orders can then be rapidly fulfilled thanks to employing pre-fabricated modular pieces that just need basic cut-to-length adjustments during installation.

The trade-off is less customization flexibility than Closet World, but implementation timelines and pricing are more approachable.

Now that the basic distinguishing traits of Closet World and Closet Factory have been reviewed, the next two sections will do a deeper dive analyzing the pros and cons of each provider.

Closet World Pros and Cons Analysis

As one of largest custom closet enterprises in America under their parent company California Closets, Closet World offers homeowners across the country an established partner for upgrading cluttered spaces into well-organized storage sanctuaries.

While their pricing may cause some sticker shock, they compensate buyers via exceptional service, liberal sales promotions and overall excellent execution:


Closet World
Closet World
  • High-Quality Materials – Varied options from mass-produced composites to fine woods
  • Precise Structural Customization – Components are made-to-order not one-size-fits-all
  • Expert Consultations – Design renderings cater proposals to your requests
  • National Scale & Reach – 50+ locations to see product offerings in person
  • ** smoothed Comprehensive Warranties** – Strong protections against defects


  • Extended Lead Times – 4-6 weeks from purchase to completion
  • Expensive Pricing – Quotes often reach $5,000+ even for small projects
  • Aggressive Sales Tactics – Some complaints around high-pressure design consultations

The biggest trade-off homeowners make when selecting Closet World is prioritizing quality design aesthetics and maximum storage personalization over cost savings.

Lengthier production timelines are also part of the consideration set given each system is made bespoke to order rather than mass produced.

However, by investing more upfront Closet World aims to deliver storage solutions that uniquely cater to a homeowner’s needs both functionally and stylistically for decades rather than a one-size-fits all approach.

Closet Factory Pros and Cons Analysis

Alternatively, Closet Factory also carves out a compelling niche in the storage solutions arena by emphasizing simplified buying options and rapid installation timelines:


  • Affordable Pricing – Overall costs average 20-50% below competitors
  • Quick Production – Pre-fabricated materials enable 3-4 week turnarounds
  • Flexibile Configurations – Modular components still allow for reasonable customization
  • Great Warranties – Lifetime coverage provided on materials and construction


  • Limited Style Selections – Trendy or ornate designs not offered
  • Lesser Known Brand – Lacks the legacy pedigree of California Closets
  • Materials Prone to Damage – Thermally fused melamine scratches over time
Closet Factory

With Closet Factory, homeowners concede certain dimensions of customization complexity and top-tier aesthetics in exchange for a simplified and expedited buying process achieved via modular components.

Storage solutions shift from bespoke works of art to versatile closet systems that still improve organization.

Their competencies around quickly transforming cluttered spaces also liberate quality floor space.

For homeowners wanting a premium storage experience where budget is secondary to receiving functional art customized to all their organizational requirements, Closet World provides an unmatched experience.

The breadth of what they offer combined with precision personalization down to 1/16th inch details sets them apart. But buyers should prepare for above average costs and multi-week installation timetables in return.

Alternatively, Closet Factory appeals to homeowners by checking the boxes on functionality and personalization while simplifying buying and installation processes thanks to ingenious use of modular components.

Their offerings deliver substantial organizational improvements more rapidly and cost effectively than other providers even if ceiling for customization is lower. For mid-market shoppers Closet Factory strikes an ideal balance.

Both Closet World and Closet Factory will dramatically upgrade lackluster closets, it just comes down to aligning with the provider that best intersects your budget, timeline needs and desired balance between completely bespoke organizational systems versus modular but still customizable solutions.

To further clarify finding that fit, below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

FAQ Comparison – Closet World And Closet Factory

Who is the parent company of Closet World?

Closet World is a subsidiary of California Closets, an industry pioneer who first launched in 1983 and continues to be the leading brand selling over $1.8 billion annually of storage solutions in the US and Canada.

What does Closet Factory do?

Closet Factory specializes in selling, delivering and installing modular closet systems allowing buyers to achieve organized and efficient closet storage through mix-and-match assembly rather than fully custom building solutions from scratch.

What kind of wood does Closet Factory use?

Closet Factory employs thermally fused melamine wood composites as well laminates and non-wood materials. This compressed wood is more durable against moisture while achieving cost advantages over natural solid wood.

Does California Closets use real wood?

Yes. Given California Closet is the parent of Closet World, they offer natural solid woods along with wood veneers over composite boards dependent on the price point selected during initial consultations. Their breadth of materials is unmatched giving homeowners options missing from competitors.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In final summary, Closet World and Closet Factory take divergent approaches to helping homeowners conquer clutter through customized closet storage solutions. Closet World provides unmatched customization including using real exotic woods tailored to every preference.

But be prepared to pay premium pricing given their made-to-order processes combined with plentiful bells and whistles. Closet Factory alternatively gets owners well-organized faster using mix-and-match components keeping costs reasonable, but personalization ceilings exist.

Deciding between Closet World vs. Closet Factory involves realistic budget setting, assessing personal style preferences between modular assembled systems and bespoke artisan quality builds, while also weighing the urgency you face around overcoming disorder.

With outstanding options on both ends serving contrasting needs, picking comes down lifestyle fit along these vectors. Reach out for an at-home consultation so you can visualize the possibilities.

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