BYLT Vs. Vuori Joggers For Fit Men: An In-Depth Comparison

When it comes to comfortable and functional joggers for fit guys, two brands stand out from the pack: BYLT and Vuori. Both offer premium joggers crafted from advanced fabrics and loaded with athlete-friendly features.

But they have some key differences that may make one a better choice over the other depending on your needs and preferences.

A Brief Comparison Table

FitAthletic, slimRelaxed, casual
FabricLightweight, stretchy, sweat-wickingSoft, stretchy
PocketsSide pockets, back zip pocketSide pockets, back zip pocket, cargo pocket
Lengths Offered28”, 30”, 32”28”, 30”, 32”, 34”
ColorsBlack, gray, navy, khakiBlack, gray, olive, navy
CareMachine wash coldMachine wash cold

BYLT Joggers Overview: Technical and Body-Hugging

BYLT designs their joggers specifically for men who live an active lifestyle and want their workout pants to move with them unrestricted. They use lightweight, 4-way stretch fabrics intended to feel like a second skin while still being breathable and sweat-wicking during intense training.

  • Fit & Length
Everyday Jogger By BYLT

BYLT joggers have an athletic fit through the hips and thighs to avoid resistance during exercise.

But they taper from the knee down for a slim, streetwear-inspired look.

For most guys, they promote a “painted-on” visual effect that shows off your physique.

Available in shorter 28 to 32” inseams to prevent bunching around the ankle.

  • Fabric & Feel

Constructed from a proprietary SensFlex knit fabric, BYLT’s joggers stretch in every direction to optimize movement while providing compression and support. The material feels cool and smooth, drying quickly if you break a sweat. Extremely lightweight at 4oz yet durable enough for regular gym wear.

  • Features & Details

BYLT includes well-designed details for active men, like zip back pockets to securely hold small essentials and subtle reflective piping around the back pockets for visibility at night.

The elastic waistband has an internal drawcord for adjusting the snugness of the fit. Silicone grip tape inside the waist helps keep shirts tucked in.

Overall, BYLT markets their joggers for guys who want a comfortable, non-restrictive fit for training that shows off their hard work at the gym. The technical fabrics and ergonomic slim cut makes them ideal for athletes, CrossFitters, runners, and bodybuilders.

Vuori Joggers Overview: Softness and Casual Versatility

Vuori designs their popular joggers to do far more than just lounge and workout. They’re crafted for all-day comfort and wearability whether you’re hitting the gym, running errands, traveling, or just chilling on the couch.

As a result, they have a more relaxed fit and aesthetic compared to BYLT’s technical gym-focused joggers.

  • Fit & Length
Vuori FA21 Sunday Performance Jogger

Vuori joggers fit looser through the hips and thighs with gentle tapers below the knees for a casual streetwear silhouette.

Their “Strato Tech” fabric has a natural softness and drape unlike stiff performance fabrics, minimizing any restrictive feel.

And they offer longer inseams up to 34 inches to suit taller guys.

  • Fabric & Feel

The Strato Tech fabric Vuori uses on their joggers has a fleece-like plush handfeel many guys compare to their favorite worn-in sweatpants. The polyester and spandex blend incorporates moisture-wicking properties and 4-way stretch for mobility during workouts.

Yet the external-facing fleece texture remains ultra-soft for all-day comfort, making them popular as travel pants.

  • Features & Details

Subtle details enhance the versatility of Vuori joggers for active men. Side pockets store your phone or wallet while out and about. A single zip back pocket provides safe storage for small valuables.

The addition of a cargo pocket separates them from other premium jogger brands. Finally, the waistband lies flat and smooth against your body if you tuck in shirts for a cleaner look.

In summary, Vuori markets their unique Strato Tech jogger fabric and more relaxed silhouette to guys seeking premium joggers explicitly designed for versatile performance, not just high intensity training.

The plush handfeel and casual fit works wonderfully for lower intensity gym sessions, weekend errand running, travel days, and everyday leisure.

BYLT Jogger Pros

  • Optimized for high-performance training – The slim, body-hugging fit and stretchy SensFlex fabric mirrors what you’d expect from compression athletic wear, giving you a full range of motion without resistance or restriction during intense lifting, HIIT classes, and similar training.
  • Shows off your physique – Many guys love the “painted-on” look of BYLT’s joggers, showcasing their quads, glutes, and calves without compromising comfort thanks to the 4-way stretch material. Great motivation for sticking to your workout regimen.
  • Lightweight and breathable – At just 4oz, BYLT’s fabric weighs a fraction of typical French terry or fleece joggers. And the smooth, sweat-wicking finish leaves you feeling cool and dry even during lengthy strength training and metabolic conditioning sessions.
  • Secure zip back pockets – The dual zippered stash pockets positioned at an ergonomic spot on your lower back safely hold smaller items like cards, keys, gels, etc. without bouncing around or risk of dropping mid-workout.

BYLT Jogger Cons

  • Not as versatile for all-day wear – The snugger athletic cut doesn’t work quite as seamlessly for more casual activities like running errands or travel compared to Vuori’s relaxed silhouette. And the lightweight SensFlex fabric lacks the plush handfeel of fleece that some guys adore for lounging.
  • Can show sweat more easily – While BYLT’s sweat-wicking fabric does a great job keeping you cool, some very sweat-prone guys may feel self-conscious about sweat showing through the tighter fit and thinner material compared to thicker fleece blends.
  • Few color options – If you want more versatility to integrate joggers seamlessly into casual and business casual wardrobes, the muted colors BYLT offers in black, gray, navy, and khaki may seem limiting. No fun pops of color for guys who want to make a style statement.
  • Short inseams – With only 28 to 32” lengths, taller muscular guys over 6’ may find BYLT’s joggers too short, exposing more ankle than they’d like if not wearing them strictly for exercising.

Vuori Jogger Pros

Vuori performance jogger
  • Ridiculously soft handfeel – Vuori’s Strato Tech fabric with its plush, fleece-like exterior delivers the worn-in comfort of your favorite sweatpants off the racks. No break-in period needed. Spandex content keeps the buttery-softness while allowing stretch for working out.
  • All-day wearability – From traveling across airports to casual Fridays at the office to Netflix binges on the couch, Vuori’s relaxed silhouette and uber-comfortable fabric works wonderfully as an athletic leisure pant. No need to change after the gym.
  • Moisture-wicking abilities – Underneath the cozy fleece exterior lies moisture-wicking polyester and spandex to keep you dry. Makes Vuori’s joggers uniquely suited for lower intensity training compared to 100% cotton counterparts.
  • Generous inseam lengths – Vuori offers their joggers in longer cuts up to 34 inches, which taller guys over 6’ really appreciate to get full coverage without exposed ankles constantly on display like other jogger brands.

Vuori Jogger Cons

Vuori performance jogger
  • Looser fit not ideal for hardcore training – The relaxed cut through the hips/thighs coupled with the pliable drape of the Strato Tech fabric doesn’t provide the compression, held-in feel many guys prefer for intense CrossFit WODs, heavy squats/deadlifts etc. Material can bunch during certain movements.
  • Thick waistband can fold over – Some men note frustration with Vuori’s thick 1.5 inch waistband that often folds over on itself, requiring consistent re-adjusting when wearing tucked-in shirts especially. Not the end of the world for leisure days but annoying mid-HIIT workout.
  • Gather dog hair/lint easily – Guys with shedding pets report Vuori’s fleecy fabric attracts dog and cat hair much quicker than smooth sportswear fabrics like BYLT uses. Also shows dust and lint easily compared to slicker finishes. Requires washing more frequently.
  • Cargo pocket divides opinions – Although the cargo pocket adds unique utility, some guys aren’t fans of the extra bulk on one thigh. Makes it harder to wear the included Strato Tech pants as clean, versatile athleisure beyond just lounging and workouts.

Conclusion: Choose BYLT for Hardcore Training, Vuori for All-Day Comfort

At the end of the day, both BYLT and Vuori make excellent joggers loaded with premium details and fabrics suited for active men. Which is the better option comes down to the context you plan to wear them and personal sensibilities.

BYLT shines brightly for guys who hit the gym hard multiple days per week and want durable, lightweight joggers that move seamlessly during intense training without restriction. If you love compression tights and want joggers with a comparable body-hugging fit during exercise, they beat out Vuori.

On the flip side, Vuori’s Strato Tech joggers trump competitors as the most ridiculously comfortable athletic lounge/travel pant you’ll ever put on. The looser cut coupled with that buttery-soft fleece handfeel makes them incredibly versatile for all-day wear well beyond just your workout.

But the relaxed style limits intense training/HIIT utility slightly.

Hopefully this detailed breakdown gives you clarity deciding between two excellent jogger brands tailored for fit, active men with different athletic wardrobe needs in mind. Both BYLT and Vuori make versatile joggers packed with performance features.

Choose BYLT for unrestricted high intensity training freedom or Vuori for featherweight lifestyle comfort wearing your joggers everywhere beyond just the gym.

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