Bobbex Vs. Liquid Fence Deer And Rabbit Repellent

If you have a garden or yard plagued by rabbits, deer, and other wildlife helping themselves to your vegetation, you may be searching for an effective repellent. Two popular options on the market are Bobbex and Liquid Fence, but how do you know which one will work best?

In this guide, we’ll compare Bobbex vs Liquid Fence repellents to help you decide which is the right choice for protecting your landscape from hungry animals. We’ll look at key factors like effectiveness, scent, longevity, safety, and value.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsBobbexLiquid Fence
Active IngredientsPutrescent egg solidsGarlic oil, cloves, egg solids
ScentTemporary rotten egg smellPungent garlic aroma
LongevityUp to 12 monthsUp to 3 months
Application MethodsReady-to-use spray, concentrate, granulesReady-to-use spray, concentrate, granules
CoverageTreats up to 12,000 sq. ft with concentrateTreats up to 7,500 sq. ft with concentrate
SafetyNon-toxic, safe for pets/kids once driedNon-toxic but can irritate eyes/skin, avoid ingestion
Cost$$ (higher price per ounce)$ (lower price per ounce)
Ideal ForDeer, rabbits, groundhogs, voles, chipmunksDeer, rabbits, moles, voles

Overview of Bobbex and Liquid Fence

Bobbex Deer Repellent

Bobbex and Liquid Fence are both commercial repellents made from natural ingredients.

They work by emitting an unpleasant scent that deters deer, rabbits, groundhogs, and other critters from nibbling on treated plants and trees.

Bobbex contains putrescent egg solids as the active ingredient.

It comes ready to use in a concentrate formula or as granules.

Bobbex is odorless to humans but smells rotten to animals. It’s advertised to last up to 12 months with one application.

Liquid Fence uses garlic oil, cloves, and egg solids as active ingredients. It has a strong garlic scent and comes in both ready-to-use and concentrate versions. Liquid Fence claims to be effective for up to 90 days.

Key Differences Between Bobbex And Liquid Fence

Now let’s dig deeper into how these two popular repellents stack up across several factors:

  • Effectiveness

The most important quality in any repellent is how well it actually works to stop animals from feeding on plants and crops. Both Bobbex and Liquid Fence have many glowing reviews and testimonials, but Bobbex seems to have a slight edge in independent lab testing.

In one study by Rutgers University, Bobbex reduced deer browsing by up to 99% on treated trees over a 3 month period. Liquid Fence was not part of this trial, but other tests have shown it repels deer for up to 2 months with one application.

For rabbits, Bobbex and Liquid Fence seem comparable in their deterrent abilities based on user reports. Both can be effective rabbit repellents for gardens when applied diligently each month.

However, neither product provides 100% protection, so some nibbling should be expected.

If you need to deter other pests like groundhogs, squirrels or chipmunks, Bobbex may have the advantage since it claims to repel a wider variety of animals.

Winner: Bobbex (for its proven track record in lab testing)

  • Scent
Liquid Fence

These two repellents use different natural ingredients to produce their signature smells.

Bobbex has an intentionally rotten odor that animals dislike, while Liquid Fence relies on pungent garlic.

The putrescent egg smell of Bobbex is said to dissipate within a few hours so humans are not bothered by the smell.

Users describe it as rotten or sulfurous when first applied.

Liquid Fence has quite a strong garlic scent initially.

Some users find the lingering garlic fragrance pleasant while others feel it is overpowering. The garlic smell will fade after the first few days but can return with heavy rain or humidity.

If you have a high sensitivity to odors, Liquid Fence’s garlic aroma may be difficult to tolerate. Bobbex’s temporary rotten egg smell seems less intrusive for most people.

Winner: Bobbex (for its less bothersome scent)

  • Longevity

Getting the most mileage out of a repellent before reapplying will save you time and money in the long run. Bobbex and Liquid Fence both claim impressive longevity from one treatment if used as directed.

Bobbex states that its proprietary formula and delivery methods allow the rotten egg smell to linger for up to 12 months. This means a single application in early spring could protect plantings all season long. However, heavy rainfall may shorten its effectiveness.

Liquid Fence makers report their product remains effective for up to 90 days when applied properly. But users commonly get about 60 days of protection before the garlic scent fades appreciably. More frequent reapplication is needed to maintain its deterrent abilities.

Independent testing has shown Bobbex maintains some repellent activity for at least 3 months, giving it the advantage in longevity versus Liquid Fence. Proper application is key for both products.

Winner: Bobbex (for longer-lasting protection per application). Watch this video to understand why.

  • Application and Coverage

The easiest repellents to use are ready-to-spray formulas that require no prep work or mixing. Both Bobbex and Liquid Fence offer convenient ready-to-use options:

  • Bobbex Deer & Rabbit Repellent Spray
  • Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent

These pre-mixed formulas provide coverage for about 1 month with one application. They can treat a moderately sized garden or up to 30 trees.

For larger areas, the concentrated or granule versions of Bobbex and Liquid Fence allow you to customize coverage and get higher mileage per bottle. The tradeoff is needing water or equipment to apply them properly.

Bobbex concentrates must be diluted in water, then sprayed via backpack sprayer, hose-end attachment, or irrigation system. A little goes a long way – 2 gallons of concentrate makes 25 gallons of finished spray.

Liquid Fence concentrates can also be mixed with water and sprayed. The granular forms are spread by hand or with a broadcast spreader. Granules provide the longest protection.

For easiest use on a budget, the ready-to-use sprays are great options. For large orchards or woodlots, the concentrates and granules provide more economical coverage.

Winner: Tie (both offer user-friendly application methods)

  • Safety and Toxicity

When dealing with any pest control product, safety is a top concern. Both Bobbex and Liquid Fence use natural ingredients and are non-toxic when used as directed. They can be applied on edible plants without worrying about chemical residues.

Key safety points:

  • Bobbex is made from biodegradable materials and won’t harm plants, soil, water or wildlife. It’s safe for children and pets once dried.
  • Liquid Fence repellent is non-toxic to plants and animals. The garlic oil may irritate eyes and skin if exposed, so protective gear is recommended when applying concentrate.

While the active ingredients themselves are non-toxic, improper ingestion of large quantities could cause upset stomach. So keep both products out of reach of children and pets.

Overall, both options are very safe choices compared to synthetic chemical repellents as long as label directions are followed.

Winner: Tie (both products have excellent safety profiles)

  • Cost and Value

When comparing the value of Bobbex vs Liquid Fence, you must consider both the upfront price and long-term costs with repeated application.

In general, Bobbex costs more per ounce of concentrate. A 32 ounce ready-to-use bottle runs about $25, while the 32 ounce concentrate costs around $40.

Liquid Fence is usually a little cheaper. Their 32 ounce ready-to-use spray costs about $20, and the 32 ounce concentrate is around $30.

However, since Bobbex lasts longer (up to 12 months per application vs 2-3 months for Liquid Fence), you end up using less repellent over time. The superior longevity of Bobbex offsets its higher initial price for most users.

If applied properly, both repellents provide excellent value in protecting your landscape compared to replacing damaged plants. Liquid Fence may produce slightly more savings upfront, but Bobbex often pays off in the long run.

Winner: Tie (both offer good value for performance)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Bobbex really work?

Yes, Bobbex is highly effective when applied properly. Independent studies by Rutgers University and other labs have shown it deters browsing by deer, rabbits, and groundhogs for extended periods. Many user testimonials also support its repellent abilities. Of course, no product is 100% foolproof year-round. But used consistently, Bobbex drives away most animal pests for up to 12 months per application.

How long does Bobbex smell last?

The putrescent egg odor that repels animals lasts about 10-12 months with one application of Bobbex. The initial rotten smell dissipates within a few hours after application. Rains and environmental breakdown eventually diminish the rotten egg odor over time. Reapplication yearly or as needed will maintain its potency.

What is the most effective rabbit repellent?

Based on research and user feedback, Bobbex and Liquid Fence are two of the most consistently effective rabbit repellents. Both utilize smelly ingredients like putrescent eggs or garlic oil that rabbits want to avoid. Frequent reapplication is key for lasting results. Motion-activated sprinklers and physical barriers can also deter rabbits. There is no perfect rabbit repellent, but using multiple deterrents boosts effectiveness.

What is the absolute best deer repellent?

While no deer repellent is 100% effective year-round, Bobbex arguably has the most reliable and lasting results based on field studies. The putrescent egg odor provides excellent repellent activity for up to 3 months according to research. Used proactively, Bobbex can reduce deer browsing dramatically compared to untreated plants. Other top-rated options include liquid garlic, tankage, and soap-based formulas. A combination of repellents, fencing, and deterrents works best to protect plants from hungry deer.

Final Verdict

For its superior longevity, effectiveness, and versatility, Bobbex earns a slight edge as the best overall repellent in this comparison. It requires less frequent reapplication, drives away a wider range of animal pests, and has great lab data backing its performance.

However, Liquid Fence remains an excellent budget-friendly option, especially for small gardens. The garlic scent and lower price point may appeal to some users despite needing more frequent applications.

No repellent solution will work perfectly year-round or deter all wildlife. But used proactively, both Bobbex and Liquid Fence can significantly reduce animal browsing and give your garden a fighting chance.

Try one of these natural repellents this season to stop deer, rabbits, and other pests from munching your yard and garden.

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