Blueridge Furnace Reviews 2023: Is It Worth The Money?

Furnaces are a must to keep your home warm during winter. But, at the same time, they also circulate the conditioned air when it’s hot outside.

Whatever the case is, you’ll always need a new furnace if your current one is malfunctioning or has stopped working.

In that case, I would like to introduce you to the Blueridge furnace, a machine I have been reliably using for several years. Below I have discussed its several notable features to give you a better insight into this product.

Features of Blue Ridge furnace

I have been using Blueridge furnaces for years now. From my experience, I have shared some of the best features of Blueridge furnaces that made me fall in love with them.

  • Efficient Heating
Blueridge Furnace

The whole point of using a furnace is to keep your home warm.

When it comes to heating, Blueridge furnaces can help you keep your fuel cost down without compromising the heat.

These furnaces have an 80% AFUE rating as gas furnaces.

Though it’s not the most energy efficient, 80% AFUE is considered a highly efficient furnace in the industry.

In addition, the constant torque motor provides consistent airflow to maintain an even temperature.

  • Sturdy Design

The durability of the furnace is crucial to ensure a longer lifespan. That’s why Blueridge has paid extra attention to this matter.

Their furnaces are made with an aluminum casing, ensuring inner parts don’t face any unwanted damage. Of course, it’s natural for furnaces to go through wear and tear, but Blueridge has ensured that wear and tear won’t hurt the heating performance of the efficiency.

  • Noise-Free Operation

Blueridge furnaces run very smoothly without making any unwanted noise or vibration. Though it’s expected from any furnace, many products on the list make unwanted noises under heavy load.

Various studies suggest continuous noise can lead to anxiety and increased heart rate. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that if you own a Blueridge furnace.

  • Different Operational Configuration

Many people often forget to consider the airflow configuration of the furnace. Remember that these configurations can significantly impact the furnace’s optimum performance.

All of the Blueridge furnaces have horizontal and up-flow configurations. Thanks to these configurations, you can install the furnaces in different locations and get the airflow as necessary.

  • Excellent Warranty
Blueridge Furnace

The warranty is one aspect that encourages me to get a Blueridge furnace.

Of course, Blueridge has always been known for its factory’s strict quality control and run-tasting.

However, their ten years of limited warranty on various parts and lifetime heat exchanger warranty.

This long-term warranty ensures your investment is secure in the long term and shows the confidence of Blueridge in its products.

  • Easy To Install

Blueridge furnaces have a fundamental yet high standard of installation. Poor furnace installation not only hampers the thermal performance but can also affect the health of the moving parts inside the furnace.

If you are having difficulty finding an installer, Alpine Air will help you locate a professional contractor in your area to complete the installation.

What Could Have Been Better With Blue Ridge Furnace?

Despite the benefits of Blueridge furnaces, there are some minor drawbacks too. While they should not affect your purchase decision, you should know about them to make an informed decision.

  • Lacks Variety

Blueridge doesn’t offer product variety for their furnaces, which has been a significant customer complaint for many years. I think Blueridge should work more on providing customers with options in terms of fuel, size, and configurations.

For example, getting a model that fits your crawlspace might be tricky.

  • User Manual

There is no doubt that Blueridge has paid enough attention to making the user manual useful for the customers. However, there still there is a scope for improvement.

For example, it would be nice if Blueridge added a page of the circuit diagram with connections labeled on it. Otherwise, new users might find it hard to understand the circuit.

  • Condensate Pump Connection

Blueridge furnaces are one of the most convenient options available today. However, Blueridge can still take the convenience to the next level by adding a dedicated condensate pump connection to the circuit board.

As a result, it can improve the performance and user experience of the furnaces.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are Blue Ridge furnaces any good?

There are certain aspects you should look for efficient heating, fuel-efficient, and a sturdy build. From my experience, Blueridge furnaces pack all these features with an efficient blower and super competitive price. If you consider these features, Blueridge furnaces are one of the best options on the market right now.

Who makes Blueridge furnaces?

Blueridge furnaces are products of the famous home air brand Alpine. These Blueridge Furnaces are one of the best-selling lineups of this brand. Regarding manufacturing, Blueridge furnaces are manufactured by the Midea group based in china, a pioneer in the home appliance sector.

What is the top-rated furnace manufacturer?

You can look at several excellent top-rated furnace manufacturers, such as Blueridge, Lenox, Carrier, or BOSCH. These furnaces are known for their consistent heating performance without breaking the bank.

Are Blueridge AC units good?

Blueridge AC units are equally famous for their furnaces. The main benefit of these AC units is that they don’t require any air duct. Then, the auto defrosting feature helps consumers drive down the fuel cost. Lastly, the convenient operation modes and coil-coated build make Blueridge AC units an excellent option worth considering.

Final Words

That’s a wrap for today. I hope this Blueridge furnace review helped you understand this product’s benefits and lacks. Despite a few scopes of improvements shortcoming, I would say Blueridge does a commendable job of creating an efficient yet powerful furnace system.

In the coming days, fuel and energy costs will go up. So, if you are looking for an efficient furnace that generates steady heat and does that without air pollution, the Blueridge furnace cab is an excellent choice.

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