Blissy Vs. Slip Pillowcase: Which Silk Pillowcase Is Better?

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, your pillowcase choice matters more than you might think. The right pillowcase not only feels ultra-comfortable against your skin, it also helps reduce sleep creasing and bedhead so you wake up looking refreshed.

Silk pillowcases have become increasingly popular for their ability to provide all these benefits. But with so many silk pillowcase brands on the market, how do you know which one to choose?

In this article, we compare two top contenders – Blissy and Slip – to help you decide which silk pillowcase is best for your needs and budget. We’ll break down the key differences between these two brands and highlight the pros and cons of each.

A Brief Comparison Table

Fabric100% mulberry silk100% mulberry silk
Thread count22 momme22 momme
ConstructionEnvelope closureOverlapping flap closure
SizesStandard/Queen, KingStandard, Queen, King, European sizes
Colors22 colors17 colors
Price$79 – $109$85 – $169
Made inChinaChina

As you can see from the table, Blissy and Slip pillowcases share a lot of similarities. They are both made from 100% mulberry silk with a 22 momme thickness and come in a range of sizes and colors.

The two main differences are the pillowcase construction and pricing. Blissy uses an envelope closure, while Slip has an overlapping flap design. And Blissy pillowcases are more affordable overall compared to Slip.

Now let’s take a deeper dive into the benefits and downsides of each brand.

Blissy Silk Pillowcase Benefits

Blissy Silk Pillowcase
  • Smoother hair and skin

The slippery texture of silk fibers reduces friction between your hair, skin and pillowcase. This helps minimize bedhead, tangles, and sleep creases on your face and body. Those with sensitive skin may find silk feels more comfortable and less irritating overnight.

  • Moisture-wicking abilities

Silk won’t absorb moisture like cotton does. This keeps your hair and skin from drying out at night. The smooth surface also allows skin care products to absorb better into your skin.

  • Thermoregulation

Silk adjusts to your body temperature and feels cool in the summer but warm in the winter. This helps regulate your temperature so you sleep more comfortably year-round.

  • Available in many colors

With 22 vivid colors to choose from, you can easily find a Blissy pillowcase to match your decor. Play it safe with neutrals like white, grey or black. Or make a bold statement with red, navy, emerald and more.

  • Affordable price point

For a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase, Blissy is very competitively priced between $79-$109 depending on size. This makes silk more accessible for those on a budget.

  • 30-day return policy

If you don’t love your Blissy pillowcase, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. This reduces the risk if you want to try silk bedding for the first time.

Blissy Silk Pillowcase Downsides

  • Limited sizing

Blissy only comes in Standard/Queen and King sizes. Those with larger pillows may find the cases are too small, while European bedding is not accommodated.

  • Envelope closure

Some sleepers don’t like the gap created by envelope closures. This allows your pillow to slip out of the case more easily.

  • Imported from China

For those who prefer locally made products, Blissy pillowcases are sourced from China which can be a drawback.

  • Requires hand washing

Like any silk pillowcase, Blissy must be hand washed only in cold water. You also need to air dry them flat to prevent damage.

Slip Silk Pillowcase Benefits

Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase
  • High quality construction

Slip pillowcases feature meticulous stitching and an overlapping flap closure to fully enclose your pillow. The silk fibers are also longer for enhanced durability.

  • Extended sizing options

Slip offers four size options: Standard, Queen, King and European sizes. So you can find a custom fit for all pillow types.

  • Vibrant color selection

With 17 colors from classics like Silver to bold hues like Peacock, Gold and Rose, Slip has lots of stylish shades to elevate your space.

  • Generous return policy

Slip allows returns of gently used pillowcases within 30 days. And new/unused pillowcases can be returned within 60 days of original purchase.

  • Recyclable packaging

The brand’s packaging uses recycled plastic derived from ocean waste. This makes Slip a more eco-friendly choice.

  • Choice of flat or fitted sheets

In addition to pillowcases, Slip offers both flat sheets and fitted sheets made from silk. This allows a fully coordinated look.

  • Oeko-Tex certification

Slip silk is certified free from harmful chemicals and synthetics according to Oeko-Tex standards. This ensures your pillowcase is non-toxic.

Slip Silk Pillowcase Downsides

  • High price point

As one of the more premier silk pillowcase brands, Slip comes at a luxury price point. Their pillowcases cost between $85-$169 which is quite an investment.

  • Limited color options

With just 17 colors compared to Blissy’s 22 shades, you have fewer color choices with Slip. And the selection is focused more on neutrals.

  • Dry clean only

While you can spot clean Slip pillowcases as needed, the brand recommends dry cleaning them to maintain the quality and luster. This adds time and expense.

  • Heavy weight

The dense long-strand mulberry silk adds luxurious durability but also makes Slip pillowcases on the heavier side.

Blissy Vs. Slip: Comparing The User Experience

To get a more realistic feel for how these two brands of silk pillowcases compare, we polled reviewers who have used both Blissy and Slip pillowcases. Here’s what they had to say about the user experience with each brand:

Blissy User Feedback

  • “Soft and lightweight! I barely notice the pillowcase while sleeping which is great.”
  • “Love the range of colors and that I can throw it in the wash. So easy to care for.”
  • “Fewer size options was a bummer. My king pillow was too big for the case.”
  • “Great quality for the price. Very happy with this silk pillowcase purchase!”

Slip User Feedback

  • “Slip is so decadent and luxurious. You can really tell it’s premium silk.”
  • “The colors are gorgeous in person. But I wish there were some brighter options.”
  • “Expensive but worth it to treat myself to the best silk pillowcase available.”
  • “The heavyweight silk is almost too dense in warmer months. I switch to cotton pillowcase in summer.”

As you can see, feedback aligns closely with the pros and cons outlined above. Overall, Blissy earned praise for its affordability and lightweight feel. While Slip was viewed as a worthwhile splurge for those wanting thicker, more opulent silk quality.

Blissy Vs. Slip Silk Pillowcase: Which Should You Buy?

Buy the Blissy pillowcase if you want:

Blissy Silk Pillowcase
Blissy Silk Pillowcase
  • An affordable entry-level silk pillowcase
  • Light and breathable silk that won’t overheat
  • A wide selection of bright, vivid colors
  • Easy care with machine washing and air drying
  • A standard or king size to fit common pillow dimensions

Buy the Slip pillowcase if you want:

  • Top-of-the-line silk quality and construction
  • Extended sizing options for large or European pillows
  • Elegant but neutral color palette
  • An indulgent, ultra-luxurious feel
  • Full bedding suite with coordinating silk sheets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is better Blissy or slip pillow cases?

There is no definitive “better” option between Blissy and Slip silk pillowcases. Both are high quality and made from 100% mulberry silk. Blissy tends to be better for those wanting an affordable entry-level silk pillowcase. Slip is ideal if you’re looking for luxury construction and premium silk with a designer price tag.

Is Slip pillowcase worth it?

For those who can splurge, Slip pillowcases are considered worth the investment. You get thicker, more durable long-strand silk and carefully crafted construction. The premium quality brings an ultra-luxurious feel for the ultimate beauty sleep experience. But the high price point ($85-$169) is hard to justify for some.

What is the downside of silk pillowcase?

The main downside of silk pillowcases is the delicate care required. Silk must be hand washed or dry cleaned, air dried, and heated tools should not be used on it. Silk also shows stains easily. And the glossy fabric can be slippery, causing your head to slide off. Finally, silk comes at a higher price point than cotton or synthetics.

Why is Blissy so expensive?

While not cheap, Blissy is considered reasonably priced compared to other silk pillowcase brands. At $79-$109, Blissy costs a fraction of luxury brands like Slip or Brooklinen. And it’s only slightly pricier than 100% cotton pillowcases. Given the benefits of mulberry silk, Blissy delivers good value for an entry-level silk pillowcase. The price reflects the higher cost of quality silk production.

Wrapping Up

Blissy and Slip both make excellent silk pillowcases that promote beauty sleep by reducing friction and regulating temperature overnight.

Blissy offers an affordable, lightweight silk pillowcase in fun colors. While Slip provides a premium silk experience with sophisticated style.

There’s no universally “better” option – the right silk pillowcase depends on your budget, pillow size, and personal preferences. Both brands have stellar reviews and give you the opportunity to discover the benefits of silk for better bedhead, skin and hair.

Ready to experience silk for yourself?

Visit Blissy or Slip to pick out the perfect pillowcase for your needs. Sweet dreams!

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