Big Joe Plush Vs. Lenox Bean Bag Chair: Which Is Better?

Bean bag chairs have become an iconic piece of furniture that bring back memories of carefree days gone by. With their simple design and ultra-comfortable feel, bean bags continue to be a popular seating choice for gamers, students, kids, and really anyone looking to relax.

When it comes to bean bag brands, Big Joe is one of the most recognizable and trusted names out there. The company offers a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and styles to meet different needs. Two of their most popular options are the Big Joe Plush and the Big Joe Lenox bean bag chairs.

But what exactly sets these two chairs apart? Below we’ll compare and contrast the Big Joe Plush vs. Lenox bean bags to help you decide which model is right for you. We’ll look at things like:

  • Key features and materials
  • Size options
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Care and maintenance
  • Price
  • Pros and cons of each

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of how these two chairs stack up against one another. Let’s dive in!

Key Differences At A Glance

Before we look at each chair in-depth, here’s a high-level overview of how the Big Joe Plush and Lenox bean bags differ:

FeatureBig Joe PlushBig Joe Lenox
Outer fabricPlush microsuedeDurable twill
FillingShredded foamUltrasoft foam chunks
Size options35
Overall comfortVery soft & pillow-likeSoft yet supportive
CareSpot clean onlyRemovable machine-washable cover

Key Differences Between Big Joe Plush And Lenox Bean Bag Chairs

Now let’s explore each of these key differences in more detail.

  • Outer Fabric

One of the biggest differences between the Plush and Lenox is the material used for the outer shell.

Big Joe Plush Fabric

Big Joe Plush Bean Bag
Big Joe Plush Bean Bag

The Big Joe Plush bean bag features an ultra-soft microsuede cover.

This polyester microfiber fabric has a plush, velvety feel similar to suede.

The material is soft, smooth, and luxurious. It conforms nicely to your body, almost like sitting in a soft pillow.

The downside is that microsuede can be prone to staining, pilling, and showing dirt if not cared for properly.

You’ll need to spot clean only as the fabric is not removable or machine washable.

Big Joe Lenox Fabric

Alternatively, the Big Joe Lenox uses a durable twill fabric for its outer shell. This material is a cotton/polyester blend designed to withstand heavy daily use. It has a canvas-like texture that is soft yet structured enough to keep its shape.

The Lenox cover is double-stitched for added strength and designed to be removed for machine washing. So it’s much easier to keep clean long-term compared to the Plush.

If easy maintenance is important to you, the Lenox would be the better choice over the Plush. But if you love the feel of an ultra-plush microsuede, the Big Joe Plush can’t be beat.

  • Filling Material

The other major difference is the filling inside each bean bag chair. This impacts the overall feel and comfort.

Big Joe Plush Filling

The Plush bean bag is stuffed with shredded foam filling. This gives it an extra soft and squishy feel, akin to resting on a giant pillow. The shredded foam conforms to your body’s shape nicely.

However, it doesn’t offer much support. And the filling can compress and flatten out over time with heavy use.

Big Joe Lenox Filling

Big Joe Black Lenox Bean Bag
Big Joe Black Lenox Bean Bag

Inside the Lenox you’ll find chunks of ultrasoft foam filling.

The foam pieces are more substantial than shredded foam, giving the Lenox a firmer, more supportive feel.

The foam filling keeps its structure better long-term.

Though not as pillow-y soft as the Plush, the Lenox still cradles and contours to your body comfortably.

So the Plush offers superior softness and the Lenox provides more support.

Choose based on your needs.

  • Size Options

Big Joe offers these two chairs in different size configurations:

Big Joe Plush Sizes

The Plush bean bag chair comes in 3 sizes:

  • Medium (33″ x 33″ x 24″) – seats 1 adult
  • Large (40″ x 40″ x 34″) – seats 1-2 adults
  • XL (55″ x 55″ x 35″) – seats 2-3 adults

With the Plush you unfortunately can’t choose different dimensions, just different overall sizes.

Big Joe Lenox Sizes

The Lenox gives you more flexibility with 5 different size options:

  • Small (25″ x 27″ x 26″) – child size 1
  • Medium (32″ x 25″ x 34″) – child size 2
  • Large (38″ x 38″ x 30″) – single adult
  • XL (38″ x 48″ x 30″) – 2 adults
  • XXL (48″ x 48″ x 34″) – 2-3 adults

The ability to select specific dimensions as well as sizes allows you to better customize the Lenox to your needs. Ideal if you have limited space or want a certain shape.

  • Comfort

When it comes right down to it, comfort is one of the most important factors for any bean bag. So how do the Plush and Lenox compare in this regard?

Big Joe Plush Comfort

The shredded foam filling makes the Plush ultra-soft and cushy. Sitting in it feels like resting on a giant pillow.

The microsuede cover enhances the plushy feel.

The chair fully conforms to your body, providing cushioned support all around you.

The sensation is almost like floating or being gently hugged.

However, the lack of structure means you sink down quite low into the Plush bean bag.

This can make it harder to get out of. The filling can also flatten and compress over time.

Big Joe Lenox Comfort

Though not as soft and pillow-y as the Plush, the Lenox still provides excellent comfort thanks to its chunks of supportive foam.

The foam filling creates a firmer, more supportive seat than the Plush. You sit in the Lenox rather than sinking far down into it. This makes it easier to get in and out of.

The durable twill cover keeps its structure nicely. Even after years of use, the Lenox retains its shape and cushioning properties better than the Plush.

So the Plush offers superior softness, while the Lenox provides more support. Choose based on the type of comfort you prefer.

  • Durability

How well these chairs hold up over years of use depends largely on the outer fabric and filling.

Big Joe Plush Durability

Big Joe Plush Bean Bag
Big Joe Plush Bean Bag

The ultra-plush microsuede cover on the Plush bean bag is prone to pilling, staining, and flattening over time – especially with heavy use.

Kids and pets can be rough on it.

You have to spot clean only, which is tedious.

The shredded foam filling also tends to flatten out after prolonged use as the beans can compress.

While wonderfully soft initially, the Big Joe Plush may lose its luster and require refilling sooner than other options.

Big Joe Lenox Durability

The Lenox is built to withstand more wear and tear thanks to its durable twill cover. The fabric is double-stitched for strength and designed to be removed and machine washed.

Inside, the substantial chunks of foam retain their shape better long-term compared to shredded filling. Lenox owners report their chairs maintaining structure and cushioning even after many years of use.

For maximum durability, the Lenox is the superior choice over the Plush.

  • Care and Maintenance

Caring for your bean bag chair properly is key to maximizing its lifespan. Here’s how the Plush and Lenox compare:

Big Joe Plush Care

Caring for the Plush bean bag chair takes a bit more effort since the microsuede cover is not removable or machine washable.

You need to spot clean stains immediately before they set using a mild soap and damp sponge or cloth. Avoid excessive liquid so the filling doesn’t get soaked. Air dry thoroughly.

To help extend its lifespan, provide the Plush with a washable cover or keep it away from high traffic areas and kids/pets who may damage it.

Big Joe Lenox Care

Thanks to its removable twill cover, the Lenox is much easier to keep clean long-term.

Simply remove the cover and toss in the washing machine to freshen it up. Air or tumble dry on low when done.

Spot clean stains on the cover as needed using mild detergent and a soft brush.

The Lenox requires less day-to-day maintenance than the Plush. Just be sure to shake and rearrange the filling occasionally to prevent uneven flattening.

  • Price

Bean bag chairs can range widely in price from under $50 into the hundreds. Here’s how the Plush and Lenox compare:

Big Joe Plush Price

The Big Joe Plush bean bag is positioned as a premium, luxury option with prices to match. The Plush starts around $120 for a medium and goes up to $200+ for the largest XL size.

Given its ultra-plush fabric and shredded foam filling, the Plush sits at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. The large chair designed for two adults costs around $170+.

Big Joe Lenox Price

The more standard Big Joe Lenox bean bag chair is priced lower, starting at around $65 for a small kid-size and going up to $140 for the largest XXL.

The medium and large single-adult sizes fall in the $80-100 range. Overall, the Lenox offers solid value at a budget-friendlier price point than the Plush.

Pros And Cons of Big Joe Plush And Lenox Bean Bag Chairs

To recap, here are the key benefits and drawbacks of each bean bag:

Big Joe Plush Pros & Cons


  • Ultra-plush microsuede cover
  • Shredded foam is soft and pillow-y
  • Conforms fully to body shape
  • 3 sizes to choose from


  • More expensive
  • Fabric prone to damage/stains
  • Not removable or washable
  • Filling can flatten out

Big Joe Lenox Pros & Cons


Big Joe Lenox Bean Bag
  • Durable twill cover
  • Supportive foam filling
  • Retains structure long-term
  • 5 sizes for more flexibility
  • Removable and machine-washable


  • Not as pillow-y soft as the Plush
  • Foam can compress unevenly
  • Needs occasional shaking/fluffing

Which One Should You Get?

So in the battle of Big Joe Plush vs. Lenox bean bag, there’s no single winner. It depends on your priorities.

Choose the Big Joe Plush if you:

  • Want the ultimate soft, plush feel
  • Prefer sinking into chair like a pillow
  • Are gentle on furniture
  • Don’t mind spot cleaning only

Opt for the Big Joe Lenox if you:

  • Value support over softness
  • Want a more structured feel
  • Need to customize dimensions
  • Prefer removable machine-washable covers
  • Have kids or pets

Both chairs provide excellent comfort and classic bean bag appeal. The Plush offers superior softness, while the Lenox provides more structure and support. Think about your needs and preferences to decide which model is the better fit.

Whichever you choose, Big Joe makes quality, comfortable bean bag chairs that stand the test of time. You really can’t go wrong with either the ultra-plush Big Joe Plush or the supportive Big Joe Lenox!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does lenox fabric feel like?

The Lenox bean bag cover is made from a twill fabric blend. It has a soft yet structured, canvas-like feel. The durable cotton and polyester material provides a comfortable seating surface that retains its shape well over time.

What is Big Joe stuffed with?

Big Joe bean bag chairs contain different fillings depending on the model. The Plush uses shredded foam that offers an ultra-soft, pillow-like feel. The Lenox uses larger chunks of supportive foam. Both provide excellent comfort and support in different ways.

Where are Big Joes made?

Big Joe bean bag chairs are proudly made right here in the USA. The company’s manufacturing facility is located in Sterling, Illinois. Big Joe pours and cuts their own foam to ensure quality and consitency.

What is better than a bean bag chair?

While bean bag chairs provide excellent comfort, some may find that gaming/office chairs with ergonomic back and lumbar support are better for posture and back health. For media seating, some may prefer sectionals, recliners, or theater seating over bean bags. It comes down to personal preference!

Final Thoughts

Bean bag chairs have come a long way from the simple “sacks of beans” of the past. With High-quality models like the Big Joe Plush and Lenox, you can enjoy superior comfort, support and style.

Both of these popular Big Joe chairs have their pros and cons. The Plush offers an ultra-soft, pillow-like feel many find hard to resist. While the Lenox provides better structure and support for the long haul.

Think about your priorities in terms of the outer fabric, size options, care requirements, and price to determine which model is the right fit. And consider your usage – the Lenox makes more sense for households with kids and pets.

No matter which you choose, Big Joe makes excellent bean bags built to deliver years of affordable luxury. Check out the Plush and Lenox models to enjoy form, function and coziness all in one furniture piece that brings back fond memories.

Happy lounging!

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