Atlas StormMaster Shake Vs. Pinnacle Pristine Roofing Shingles

Putting a new roof over your head is a major investment. You want to know that you’re getting durable, long-lasting protection for your home. But with so many shingle brands on the market, how do you choose?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare two top-rated asphalt shingle lines: the Atlas StormMaster Shake and the Pinnacle Pristine. Read on to learn all about their features, benefits, cost considerations, and more.

Direct Comparison of The Shingles

Now let’s directly compare some of the key specs and features between the two shingle product lines:

FeatureAtlas StormMaster ShakePABCO Pinnacle Pristine
Warranty LengthLifetime limited50 years
Wind coverage110 mph130 mph
Impact ratingUL 2218 Class 4Class 4
Fire ratingClass AClass A
Algae resistanceYesYes
Shingle weight230-280 lbs/square230-265 lbs/square
Cold weather flexibility-25°F-30°F
Nailing area5 5/8”5 5/8”

As you can see, Atlas StormMaster Shake and PABCO Pinnacle Pristine are comparable in many regards. Both meet strict standards for:

  • Fire safety (Class A rating)
  • Impact resistance (Class 4)
  • Cold temperature flexibility
  • Premium shingle weight and density

A few differences are evident when it comes to warranties and wind coverage. The StormMaster Shake shingles come with a lifetime limited warranty, while Pinnacle Pristine is 50 years. For wind protection, Pinnacle Pristine is rated to 130 mph versus the 110 mph rating of StormMaster Shake.

Overall the shingles represent a similar tier of premium architectural laminated roofing. Both realistically emulate the look and texture of wood shakes.

Now let’s dig into some other factors to consider when deciding between these two excellent products.

Key Differences Between Atlas StormMaster Shake And Pinnacle Pristine Roofing Shingles

Atlas StormMaster Shake Shingles
Atlas StormMaster Shake Shingles
  • Appearance Factors

If aesthetics are important to you, how do StormMaster Shake and Pinnacle Pristine shingles compare visually?

  • Color Choices

The Pinnacle Pristine line offers just 8 neutral, earthtone colors. StormMaster Shake has 10 available colors including more unique choices like Silver Mist and Green Mist alongside woodsy browns and slates.

  • Depth/Dimensionality

Both brands use dimensional designs with irregular tabs and shadow lines to create that classic wood shake profile. StormMaster Shake incorporates a triple layer construction for added depth and texture.

  • Realism

ARXL color blend technology in StormMaster Shake and Advantage Color technology in Pinnacle Pristine ensure your roof has natural-looking variation and realism. No two shingles look exactly the same, just like real wood shakes.

  • Curb Appeal

These premium laminated shingles boost your home’s curb appeal thanks to their realistic wood look and attractive colors. StormMaster Shake offers some more unique color choices for added character.

  • Longevity of Looks

Expect the dimensional wood shake look to last decades with either quality laminated product. The color hues may fade slightly over time, but the textured appeal remains for the long haul.

If attractiveness and architectural style are key factors, both deliver beautiful wood shake texture and profiles. StormMaster Shake has slightly more color variety, but overall the aesthetics are comparable.

  • Performance & Protection Differences

Durability, reliability and weather protection are crucial for roofing. Here’s how the two brands compare:

  • Impact Resistance

StormMaster Shake and Pinnacle Pristine both achieve a Class 4 impact resistance rating. This means they can withstand the standard 2 inch steel ball test, protecting against hail storm damage.

  • Fire Safety

These shingles also both meet fire safety Class A standards. This is the highest rating and an important feature for fire-prone regions.

  • Wind Resistance

Pinnacle Pristine is rated to withstand winds up to 130 mph. The StormMaster Shake has a 110 mph wind coverage rating. Pinnacle Pristine may have a slight edge in extreme wind conditions.

  • Cold Weather Flexibility

Both brands boast flexibility in frigid winter temps down to at least -25°F. This is essential for year-round installation needs.

  • Longevity
Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingles
Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingles

Quality laminated shingles like these deliver decades of reliable protection.

Exact lifespan depends on proper installation and regional weather patterns like extreme heat, cold, wind and storms.

Overall, PABCO Pinnacle Pristine offers a modest edge for wind resistance.

But both products provide exceptional durability and all-weather performance. They’ll keep your home comfortable in rain, sun, wind, and snow.

  • Value Comparison

Let’s look at the value proposition offered by each of these architectural shingles.

  • Warranties

The lifetime limited warranty of Atlas StormMaster Shake may provide better long-term coverage versus the 50 year warranty of Pinnacle Pristine.

  • Cost

When professionally installed, expect to pay $300 to $450 per square for either of these premium laminated shingles. The cost is comparable.

  • Return on Investment

Quality laminated shingles like these help maintain the value and curb appeal of your home. Their wood shake look and durability set them apart.

  • Resale Value

Attractive architectural shingles keep your home looking its best, which can really pay off when it comes time to sell.

Overall, both deliver valuable benefits. StormMaster Shake’s lifetime warranty provides peace of mind. But the products are similarly priced for a quality investment.

Overview of the Atlas StormMaster Shake Shingles

Atlas has been manufacturing roofing products for over 100 years. Their StormMaster Shake line provides a beautiful wood shake look in a rugged asphalt shingle.


Atlas StormMaster Shake Shingle
Atlas StormMaster Shake Shingle

StormMaster Shake features a triple-layer laminated design with irregular ridges that mimic real cedar shake texture.

You get deep shadow lines and dimension. The multi-width tabs and edges create a rustic, natural look on your roof.

The shingles use ARXL technology to provide subtle color variations within each shingle.

This enhances the authenticity of the wood-like appearance. No two shingles are exactly alike.

StormMaster is available in popular neutral earth tones like Weathered Wood, Mountain Timber, and Charcoal. There are also more unique shades like Silver Mist, Sunset Cedar, and Green Mist. With 10 colors to choose from, you can find a driftwood, slate, cedar or shake look to suit your home’s style.


How do these shingles stand up over time? Atlas StormMaster Shake provides:

  • Wind coverage: Withstands winds up to 110 mph. 180 mph when installed with required accessories.
  • Impact resistance: UL 2218 Class 4 rating protects against hail.
  • Fire resistance: Class A fire rating provides critical protection, especially in drier climates.
  • Cold weather flexibility: Flexible even in frigid -25°F weather so they can be installed year-round.
  • Premium thickness: Heavier weight and density means greater durability and weathering performance.
  • StainGuard® protection: Helps prevent black streaks from algae and mildew growth.


Every StormMaster Shake shingle comes backed by Atlas’ lifetime limited warranty. It protects against manufacturing defects and provides 10 years of SureStart protection. This covers full replacement costs in the first 10 years if the shingles are damaged by wind, hail, or other covered weather conditions.

Overview of the PABCO Pinnacle Pristine Shingles

Atlas Pinnacle® Pristine Shingles

PABCO is known for making affordable roofing products. But their Pinnacle Pristine line offers a more premium shingle with enhanced features.


Like the StormMaster Shake, Pinnacle Pristine is crafted with layered tabs and irregular shadow lines to mimic natural wood shake texture on your roof. You get dimensionality and depth.

The shingles include PABCO’s Advantage Color technology to provide a subtle blend of warm, cool tones for more natural variation and realism. Colors like Mountain Slate, Coastal Driftwood and Old Overton capture the look of wood shake, slate or timber.


Some key features that make Pinnacle Pristine shingles rugged and weather-resistant:

  • Wind coverage: Withstands winds up to 130 mph when properly installed.
  • Impact resistance: Class 4 impact rating helps protect roofs from hail storms and flying debris.
  • Fire resistance: Achieves Class A fire safety rating.
  • Cold weather flexibility: Flexible down to -30°F to allow for winter and cold weather installations.
  • Quadra-Bond technology: Uses four wide seamless adhesive bands to resist wind uplift and keep tabs locked in place.
  • StreakFighterTM: Helps prevent black streaks from algae and fungus growth.


Pinnacle Pristine shingles come with PABCO’s 50-year limited warranty. It protects against manufacturing defects for 50 years and covers 100% of replacement costs in the critical first 10 years.

Which Is The Better Shingle For Your Roof?

After comparing Atlas StormMaster Shake vs Pinnacle Pristine laminated shingles, how do you decide?

Here are a few tips for choosing the right shingle for your home:

  • Consult local roofing contractors on which brand they recommend and have more experience installing in your area.
  • Consider your budget. The shingles are competitively priced, so cost likely won’t be the deciding factor. Value of the warranties may come into play for long term ROI.
  • Think about wind exposure. If you live in an especially high wind area, Pinnacle Pristine offers stronger wind coverage.
  • Weigh color options. If you want more unique colors beyond earthtones, StormMaster Shake provides more variety.
  • Look at warranty term. The lifetime limited warranty of StormMaster Shake could provide better long-term coverage and protection.
  • Examine availability. Choosing a local brand like PABCO can simplify supply and installation.

Either way, you can feel confident investing in a quality architectural shingle like these. With proper installation and care, StormMaster Shake or Pinnacle Pristine shingles will provide durable performance and attractiveness for decades to come.

Focus on finding an experienced local roofer you trust to get their insight and a quality installation. That will ensure you get the most out of whichever premium laminated shingle you select.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What rating is Atlas StormMaster Shake?

Atlas StormMaster Shake has a Class 4 impact resistance rating and meets ASTM wind and fire resistance standards. It also has a UL 2218 Class 4 impact rating and Class A fire rating.

Is CertainTeed better than Atlas?

CertainTeed and Atlas both make excellent shingles. Compare warranties, styles, costs, and availability in your area. CertainTeed may offer longer warranties, while Atlas provides unique color options.

What is the most popular Atlas shingle color?

According to Atlas, their best-selling colors are Weathered Wood, Black, and Storm Cloud Gray. These versatile neutrals complement most home styles.

Are Atlas shingles high quality?

Yes, Atlas shingles are known for their quality and performance. As a leading U.S. manufacturer, they meet the highest standards for impact resistance, wind coverage, fire safety and durability.

How long should Atlas shingles last?

Properly installed Atlas shingles should last 30 years or more, sometimes up to 50+ years with proper maintenance. Exact lifespan depends on your climate conditions and regular roof care.

What thickness are Atlas shingles?

Atlas shingles are available in a variety of standard and heavier weight options. Their StormMaster Shake line is on the thicker end at over 300 lbs per square. Thicker shingles typically last longer.

Should I choose StormMaster Shake or Pinnacle Pristine?

It depends on your budget, desired colors, warranty needs, and contractor recommendation. StormMaster warrants longer and has more color pop. But both deliver premium quality, wood shake appeal, and excellent protection.

Wrapping Up

Comparing Atlas StormMaster Shake and Pinnacle Pristine shingles equips you to select the right high-performing architectural shingle for protecting and beautifying your home.

Weigh the pros and cons and work with experienced local roofing contractors to make the ideal choice for your roof’s style, climate exposure and long-term needs. With a quality installation, you’ll enjoy lasting returns from a sound investment.

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