AprilAire Humidifier 400 Vs. 500: Which One To Pick?

The main difference between the AprilAire humidifier 400 vs. 500 is its coverage. In the 400 models, you get a coverage of 2500 square feet with a 17gallon per day capacity.

As for the 500 models, it provides you with a coverage of 2000 square feet with 12 gallons per day.

Aside from that, you might notice several other differences in these humidifiers. So, if you are interested in buying either of the humidifiers, I suggest going through the comparison below.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsAprilAire Humidifier 400AprilAire Humidifier 500
Coverage2500 square feet2000 square feet
Capacity17 gallons per day12 gallons per day
SpecialityWater savingCompact

Key Differences Between AprilAire 400 And 500 Humidifiers

  • Coverage of The Humidifiers
AprilAire 400 Humidifier
AprilAire 400 Humidifier

You can find a clear difference in the coverage of the two humidifiers. So, depending on your coverage necessity, you can pick the humidifier very easily.

The 400-model humidifier provides you with a coverage of 2500 square feet.

This means that if you live in a home with a humidifier covering 2500 square feet, this will be a good pick.

On the 500 models, you still get pretty good coverage of 2000 square feet.

In the end, it’s just about the extra 500 square feet. If you need that extra 500 square feet of coverage, then surely go for the 400. But you can still consider the 500 models if you don’t need that.

  • Humidifier Capacity

Let’s talk about the capacity of the humidifier. There is a pretty noticeable difference in the capacity of both humidifiers.

With the AprilAire 400, you can expect a capacity of around 17 gallons per day. Honestly, that’s a pretty impressive capacity you get from a humidifier. It’s a great capacity to cover up a larger space.

As for the AprilAire 500, you get a capacity of 12 gallons per day. You can see the difference between the capacity. It’s a pretty impactful one.

So, it can easily help you decide whether you want the higher capacity or just 12 gallons per day to work out for you.

  • Special Feature
AprilAire 500 Humidifier
AprilAire 500 Humidifier

You can also choose between the two humidifiers when considering the special features.

Depending on which features give you the most benefit, you can get the humidifier for your home.

If you are considering saving up on water use, I recommend you go with the AprilAire 400.

This humidifier has a particular water-saving feature that lets you save up the water you use for your humidifier.

On the other hand, with the AprilAire 500 humidifier, you will get a compact setup. It suits perfectly for a smaller room or home. It doesn’t take up too much space so you can fit it somewhere without any trouble.

You just have to consider which feature is perfect for your needs. The compact size or the water-saving feature is up to you.

  • Pricing

The pricing factor may help you decide on the humidifier with ease. The AprilAire 400 is a bit more expensive compared to the AprilAire 500. Sure, you get some additional benefits and extra value from the 400.

So, you have to consider whether it’s worth the extra money in your case.

Which Humidifier Is Better For Your Home?

I think the decision will always boil down to the coverage, capacity, and price. If you want coverage of 2500 square feet with 17 gallons per day capacity, then your choice is AprilAire 400.

But if you don’t need that much coverage and capacity and want to save money, then AprilAire 500 should be a better option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between the AprilAire 400 and 500?

The main difference is capacity and coverage. The AprilAire 400 has higher coverage and higher capacity as well.

Does AprilAire 400 need a drain?

No, with the AprilAire 400 humidifier, you don’t have to get a drain. You can use it without a drain at all.

What is the best AprilAire humidifier?

The AprilAire 800 whole home humidifier has to be one of the best humidifiers from AprilAire.

What is the difference between AprilAire 500 and 600?

The main difference between AprilAire 500 and 600 is in the evaporation rate. The evaporation rate per hour on the 500 is .5 gallons, and 600 is .7 gallons.


In conclusion. AprilAire humidifier 400 vs. 500 shouldn’t be too much of a difficult decision. You have to think about what you prefer. If it’s the larger capacity and coverage, then AprilAire 400 is the option.

But if you don’t need that many features and want to save up some money, then AprilAire 500 is the perfect pick. 

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