1/2 Vs. 3/4 Sillcock: In-depth Differences And Features

Have you ever found yourself caught between ½ inch and ¾ inch sillcock?

It can be a real pain, especially when you have to make a quick decision. But with my 1/2 vs. 3/4 sillcock review, you might not feel that the same way.

Whether planning for a new plumbing project or restoring a damaged one, you might have to decide between these two sillcock sizes. And you can do it in the right way when you know about them in detail.

I will give you a comprehensive comparison between the two sizes. So, let’s begin.

A Quick Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison table between ½” and ¾” sillcock:

Aspect½ Inch Sillcock¾ Inch Sillcock
Product TypeCompatible With ½” PipeCompatible With 3/4” Pipe
FeaturesComparatively NewA Classic Size

In-Depth Comparison Between ½” And ¾” Sillcock

You have gathered a basic idea from the above comparison table. Now it’s time we get into more details. So, here are some key differences between ½” and ¾” sillcock:

  • Product Type
American Valve 1/2" Quarter Turn Sillcock
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Sillcock is a water faucet generally placed at sill height on the outside of your house. People usually attach a hose with it.

Some people also call it a hose cock or hose bib.

A ½ inch sillcock allows you to attach ½ inch hose with it.

On the other hand, a ¾ inch sillcock allows attaching a ¾ inch hose.

  • Features

Regardless of size, sillcock is generally made from Brass with heavy Brass construction. It has external or male threads to accept a hose coupling with a female thread.

Most sillcock comes with a neoprene seal disc.

Plus, you’ll get a convenient notched flange for easy installation. Nevertheless, a ½ inch sillcock is comparably a new product. At the same time, a ¾ inch sillcock is a classic and most used size. 

  • Benefits
American Valve 3/4" Quarter Turn Sillcock
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The main benefit of a ½ inch hose is that it carries just enough water you need for gardening.

So, no chance of wasting water.

Another benefit is its price. You will have to spend less money for a ½ inch sillcock.

On the contrary, a ¾ inch will cost more than a ½ inch sillcock. But it will carry more water too.

  • Performance

A ¾ inch sillcock performs better than a ½ inch one. You will get more water pressure from ¾” sillcock. That is why this is the most common sillcock size.

But you have to remember that the water pressure also depends on hose length. So. If you have a long hose, a ¾ inch sillcock will carry more water.

  • Price

Another difference between these two sillcock sizes is their price. A ½ inch sillcock will cost around $13. On the contrary, you will have to spend about $17 for a ¾ inch sillcock.

Which Sillcock Is Best For You?


From the above discussion, I think which sillcock you should purchase is pretty clear. You should definitely go for ¾ inch sillcock.

It’ll cost you some extra bucks but look on the bright side.

You’ll get high-pressure and enough water down the hose pipe. Just make sure your hose pipe is compatible with your sillcock.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What size pipe should I use for hose bib?

You should use a pipe size that is compatible with your hose bib. A ¾ inch pipe and hose bib will give you more water pressure.

What is Sillcock length?

Traditional hose bibs are one or two inches long. But sillcock is generally 6 to 30 inches long for protection against cold weather.

Is 1 2 PEX big enough for hose bib?

½” PEX works fine for short distances like dishwashers and sinks. But for more pressure, you’ll need a ¾ inch PEX.

What is the difference between a silcock and a hose bib?

A sillcock and a hose bib are technically the same things with different names.


Choosing the right sillcock size comes with a lot of benefits. The most important one is you’ll get a proper flow of water.

So, I hope now you understand the importance of it.

It turns out that choosing between 1/2 vs. 3/4 sillcock is easier than you thought. So go ahead and purchase the right sillcock and make your life easy.

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